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to do list:

  • make categories for event types
    • move ess category to remove ampersand + capitalize
  • add templates to pages
  • make event topics category and remove all of the event topics from event resources
    • categorize design pages in event resources? or remove all the designs from event resources and just leave them in design pages (design pages is already a subcategory of event resources)
    • do NOT categorize design pages in event resources that's dumb. just leave them in design pages like a normal person (go do that)
    • what about bio id lists (those probably go in event topics)
  • make wanted pages (solar power, crispr base editing, 2020 astro topics?)
  • double check things
    • cross-reference with comprehensive event listing
    • clarify that trials were national trials?
  • replace old topic navboxes with the ones below
    • should topic boxes go above or below event ones?
  • double check things again
  • think about national trial navboxes later

REAL up to date to do list:

  • REcategorize design pages
  • finish updating navboxes into sidebars (thank u lua)
  • don't even worry about which pages are categorized and which aren't - it'll (probably) still work out anyway
    • afaik topics through meteorology have navboxes + have been categorized properly, leaving mission possible orni pm and solar system without those things (but its ok)
  • move the template from the bottom of each page to the top (maybe just get pi-bot to do that idk)
  • the stuff up above that hasn't gotten done yet



Chem Lab








Mission Possible



Solar System