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General Information
Years in SO 2016–Present
Past Team(s) Riley Street Middle School
State Michigan Information
Forum profile Jehosaphat
Total medals 15
  • Tons of invitational medals
  • 14 regional medals
  • 1 state medal
Social Media
Instagram @Jewey_37
Discord jewey#5890

Jehosaphat is a student competing on Hudsonville High School's Division C team that is still waiting for the day that Ecology is back in the rotation.

He currently holds the record for highest placing at states in his school, with a 2nd place in Ecology for the 2017 season.

He hopes to create a university invitational in the future, and help other students succeed in Science Olympiad and beyond.

MIJehosaphat competes in western Michigan.
HHSJehosaphat attends Hudsonville High School.

Science Olympiad Involvement

Jehosaphat still enjoys coaching various events in Division B, such as Solar System and Sounds Of Music. He tries to be fairly active on Scioly and hopes to enjoy his last few years of competition. In 2022, he has plans to start an small-scale invitational at his school for B only.

Past Results

He really has no clue about many of his past results. He has been at the West Ottawa Invitational and the Allendale Invitational since he began competing. Someday his teams will make it into UMSO Invitational. He was really good at Ecology back in middle school though, and took second at the 2017 Michigan State Tournament. In 9th grade, his last year with the Riley Street Middle School program, he medaled in every event he competed in at regionals, but missed out on states due to scheduling conflicts, which he is still very unhappy about.

2016 (Division B)

Event WOSO Allendale Regionals States
Air Trajectory - - - -
R4TS - - - -
WIDI - - - -
Team - - - 26th
I was a 6th Grader this year, and I hardly made practices, so I hardly competed.

2017 (Division B)

Event WOSO Allendale Regionals States
Ecology 1st 2nd 1st 2nd
R4TS - - - 28th
Towers - - - 32nd
Wind Power - - - -
Team - - 5th 26th

2018 (Division B)

Event WOSO Allendale Regionals States
Ecology - - 2nd 9th
Fast Facts - - - 12th
Solar System - - 13th -
Thermo - - - 37th
Towers - - - 50th1
Team - - 5th 28th
1=We got DQ'd

2019 (Division B)

Event WOSO Allendale Regionals States
Boomilever - - - 16th1
Circuit Lab - - 7th 34th1
Density Lab - - 2nd2 -
Solar System - - 5th 50th1
Thermo - - 6th 30th1
Team - - 4th 20th1
1=I did not attend 2019 states
2=I was a filler, but helped enough I still claim it

2020 (Division C)

Event WOSO Allendale Regionals States
Astronomy - 9th C C
Experimental Design - 10th O O
Sounds of Music - 11th V V
Water Quality - 3rd I I
Team - 18th D D

2021 (Division C)

Event WOSO Allendale Regionals States
Astronomy 14th3 2nd3 8th3 15th3
Chem Lab 4th3 3rd3 5th3 10th3
Experimental Design 1st 3rd 1st 9th
Machines 11th1 10th1 8th1 26th
Sounds of Music 6th 12th 9th2 34th
Team 9th 9th 8th 31st
1=I didn't help until states
2=There was a problem during device testing
3=I had no partner in these events

2022 (Division C)

Event Haslett UMSO Allendale Regionals States
Astronomy 11th 3rd 6th 2nd 16th
Chem Lab 14th 13th 4th 2nd 14th
Pentathalon1 - - - 3rd -
Trajectory 4th 17th 3rd 3rd 11th
Team 8th 14th 4th 2nd 8th
1=Trial Event

Favorite Events

Jehosaphat absolutely recommends the Astronomy events, Ecology, and Chemistry events. Exp Design is pretty fun, but Thermodynamics and Sounds of Music can burn in hell.