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I'm currently in my second year with Science Olympiad and absolutely love it. I attend St. Joseph's Catholic School in Idaho, and want to represent our state under a more positive light! Since Idaho only has a state competition, I don't get to participate in actual competitions often. (Our school has an A, B, and C team for level of performance. There are typically three C teams, one B team, and one A team- A team being the best)

6th Grade (2013-2014)

6th Grade was a learning experience for me while participating in Science Olympiad. I put little to no time in after school to studying, and just attended all the practices. (I participated in C team for our school)

Metric Mastery - 7th Place (States) Boomilever - 9th Place (States) Anatomy & Physiology - 9th Place (States)

7th Grade (2014-2015)

7th Grade was the first year that I put an extensive amount of effort into Science Olympiad. Being my first actual year of striving for exceptional grades, I also wanted to show my academic ability through Science Olympiad. I spent lots of time working diligently for my events, but due to my previous year's performance, I wasn't able to make it on the A team. This was also my first year at nationals. Surprisingly enough, the B team actually won state. A division got second place... (Participated in B Team)

Bridge Building - 7th Place (States) Fossils - 1st Place!!! (States) Disease Detectives - 1st Place!!! (States)

8th Grade (2015-2016)

My 8th grade year has been that which I have put the most time into Science Olympiad thus far. I had an amazing learning experience and it was a year that I will never forget. While I did not meet my goal of earning a medal at the National Competition in Wisconsin I have hopes for next year. This was the last year that I participated in the B Division. (Member of A Team)

Fossils - 3rd place (States) Invasive Species - 1st place (States) Disease Detectives - 7th place (States) Picture This - 1st place (States)


Lincoln, Nebraska Science Olympiad 2014-2015 National Competition This was my first year at nationals, and what an enlightening experience it was! This National experience also gave me a chance to test the waters and prepare for next year. It also allowed me to know what to expect for the following year. And, I got two events that I hadn't done at state which is quite unusual. (7th Grade Year)

Fossils - 37th Place (Nationals) Green Generation - 41st Place (Nationals) Simple Machines - 54th Place (Nationals) Disease Detectives - 48th Place (Nationals)

Menomonie, Wisconsin Science Olympiad 2015-2016 National Competition This was my second year attending the Science Olympiad National Competition, and I had a much better experience this go around. I enjoyed the campus, met new people, and learned a lot from my tests. I also performed to a much higher degree than I had at the previous National Competition, but a sense of sadness came over me due to my chances of ever winning a medal at the National Competition becoming further diminished. My only new event at this competition was Green Generation which I once again received one month before the competition.

Fossils - 8th Place (Nationals) Picture This - 17th Place (Nationals) Invasive Species - 24th Place (Nationals) Green Generation - 37th Place (Nationals)