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Jocool (me) currently goes to Paul D. Schreiber. Schreiber is the high school which is fed by Weber, which is located in Port Washington, New York. 2010-11 was his third and final year at the school and on the team. He is in 9th grade (Division C). He, along with much of his school, likes to refer to himself in the 3rd person.

My account.

Science Olympiad was awesome. If your wondering if you should quit or join, don't quit. I would encourage you to join as it was a great experience for all who I knew.

6th Grade-Team 2

Went to Regionals, and went to States as an alternate. Almost had to compete, but the person felt better just in time.

Jocool's 6th Grade/Team 2 Results
Event Rank Score Wiki Forum Thread
Jocool's Team 6th ? Weber Wiki
Road Scholar 2nd ? Road Scholar Wiki 2009 Road Scholar Thread
Crave the Wave 10th ? Crave the Wave Wiki 2009 Crave the Wave Thread

7th Grade-Team 1

Did quite well at States for a first time.

Jocool's 7th Grade/Team 1 Results
Event Rank-Regionals Score-Regionals Comment-Regionals Rank-States Score-States Comment-States Wiki Forum Thread
Jocool's Team 1st 76 - 6th 307 - Weber Wiki
Road Scholar 2nd 31.5 First Place team got 32 points-half a point ahead. 6th ? They don't give back our tests, so how do we learn from our mistakes? Road Scholar Wiki 2010 Road Scholar Thread
Battery Buggy 3rd ? Different buggy than the States one. 9th ? Not bad for a first year . . . if it had been an inch to the right, we would have gotten center line and therefore possibly a medal. Battery Buggy Wiki 2010 Battery Buggy Thread
Car of Tomorrow - - - 11th ? I don't get it. It was dead on the prediction, the graph was perfect to the chart, and it was fast for the weight. The judge even said we were top three. Car of Tomorrow Wiki 2010 Car of Tomorrow Thread

8th Grade-Team 1

My second year of going to States as a contestant.

Jocool's 8th Grade/Team 1 Results
Event Rank-Regionals Score-Regionals Comment-Regionals Rank-States Score-States Comment-States Wiki Forum Thread
Jocool's Team 1st 94 - 7th 328 We have just started to suck recently. Weber Wiki
Road Scholar 1st 37/42 We finally got first after at least two years, and we did quite well. 3rd - Actually, I am quite satisfied with this. Road Scholar Wiki 2011 Road Scholar Thread
Optics - - - 7th - Really? The test was all formulas. We could do it, its just it took so long and had nothing to do with anything but math. It was really annoying. Optic Wiki 2011 Optics Thread
Maglev - - - 8th - Not great, but considering I could not get it to work until about a week and a half before the competition, I guess it is pretty good. Maglev Wiki 2011 Maglev Thread
Bottle Rocket 5th - I don't know why, but we have really bad luck at competitions. I'm going to keep building until we have a perfect rocket. 14th - I just don't know how our rockets continue to do so badly. Bottle Rocket Wiki 2011 Bottle Rocket Thread
Meteorology - - - 5th - Again, I am actually pretty satisfied with this, although I wish we had done better. Meteorology Wiki 2011 Meteorology Thread

Forum Activity

Event Threads

Jocool no longer has events of his own as he is no longer on the team, yet still coaches the team at Weber.


Posting Games

Jocool is a big fan of the Assassinator games. Though he usually never makes it to be an officer, he helps with clues. He also likes the (insert number here) threads.

Assassination 57 Clue Map


General Chat

Jocool participates in many General Chat threads, most commonly Politics Thread.

Other Well Known Members of the Team

- trajectoryroxs

- cooltiger