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General Information
Years in SO 8
Current Team Mission San Jose HS
Grade 12th
Past Team(s) Hopkins JHS
State CA (N)
Division C
Total medals 51 + 2 div A
Social Media
Discord Klebb#3520

Klebb is a senior who competes and captains for Mission San Jose High School from Northern California's Bay Area. In 7th-8th grade, he competed with Hopkins Junior High School, and in 5th-6th grade, he competed with Chadbourne Elementary School. In both 11th and 12th grade, Klebb was the captain of the MSJHS team.


Klebb began Science Olympiad in 5th grade, competing in Division A at the local American High School. He won his first medals there: 1st in Food for Thought and Energy, and 6th (I think?) in Pentathlon. He also participated in Metric Mastery and Super Pulley.

Division B - Core Memories

Klebb competed for Chadbourne Elementary School in 6th grade as Chadbourne Green. He sadly missed the Wicklund Invitational due to MATHCOUNTS being the same day (trust me, this becomes a theme later), but he still competed at regionals to earn his first Division B medal. He competed in Elastic Launched Glider, Road Scholar, and Entomology (what a boomer).

In 7th grade, Klebb started junior high school, staying with most of his friends in Hopkins Green. He continued to work on ELG and Road Scholar, and he picked up Invasive Species, seeing it initially as a spiritual successor to Entomology. Turns out, it was a good choice, as he not only medaled in it three times that year, but he ended up enjoying it enough to keep doing it. He still considers it the best ID event and none of you can change his mind. >:)

Anyway, in 7th grade, Klebb competed at his first invitationals, earning some medals and having a great time. Klebb still believes 7th grade was his best season, though senior year may flip that on its head. Only time will tell.

In 8th grade, Klebb continued with Hopkins Green. His performance was not as strong as the year prior, but he still scored some good placements at regionals. Klebb ended up unable to attend states due to an important music competition, but he cheered his teammates on in spirit, who earned a solid 4th place. Klebb closed out his Division B years content and ambitious.

Division C pre-2019 States - MSJ Member [WIP]

In 9th grade, Klebb joined the Mission San Jose B team after kind of clowning tryouts. Before that however, he had the tough decision of picking new events for the new division. He chose Ecology and Herpetology as to stay somewhat near to his roots with Invasive Species and such. Then, he picked up Fermi Questions because he really liked math and thought that was what the event was about. Turns out, that was very wrong, but it was fine because Fermi quickly became Klebb's favorite event of all time. Don't worry, he won't gush about Fermi here.

Anyway, because of the way MSJ operated at the time, B team members like Klebb only went to regionals. Due to a mishap, Klebb's Ecology partner was unable to compete with him, but his sub was a legend who helped get him to 6th (just outside medal range smh). He also scored a medal in Herpetology and did decently in Fermi, too. Overall, despite not competing much, freshman year was an okay season for Klebb.

In 10th grade, Klebb was chosen, to his surprise, as the inquiry event section leader for MSJ. He picked up Codebusters and continued doing Herpetology and Fermi Questions as his events, and as section leader, he got a little familiar with Experimental Design and Write It Do It (this becomes important later). Due to Northern California Honor Band, Klebb was unable to compete with his team at Tracy, but he still went to Regionals, where he filled for Sounds of Music along with his regular events. To his surprise, he actually medaled in Sounds of Music, along with snagging a Codebusters medal. Tsar Bomba ended his chances at a Fermi medal, and we don't talk about Herpetology. Overall, sophomore year was looking pretty mediocre so far.

Division C 2019 States to COVID - The Captain Years [WIP]

MSJ was having some internal issues during the 2019 season, which for privacy reasons, will not be included here. Anyway, after a disappointing Regionals finish, Klebb and his Fermi partner decided to take over the team and restructure it with the help of some of the other team members. After a month of increased preparation, 2019 States ended up being an improvement, and Klebb got his coveted Fermi medal despite choking his other events.

After States, Klebb was selected as the junior captain for the 2019-2020 season. Faced with the task of building the team up and restructuring, Klebb went to work with his co-captains.

Event Placements

2020-2021 Season (12th Grade)

Event BEARSO UT Austin Boyceville Yosemite Mira Loma Solon GGSO
Biophysics - - - - - - 32nd
Codebusters 7th 6th 1st 1st 8th 2nd 2nd
Cybersecurity 8th - - 9th - - -
Experimental Design (and Analysis) 6th - 3rd 1st - 3rd -
Fermi Questions - 5th - - - - -
Sounds of Music 8th 4th 2nd 1st 2nd 3rd6 20th
Virology - - 8th - - - -
Virtual Geocaching - - 1st - - - -
We've Got Your Number! - 23rd - - - - -
WiFi Lab - - - - 3rd - -
Write It CAD It - - 2nd 4th - 23rd 33rd
Team 6th1 4th2 1st3 1st4 4th5 3rd6 17th
1: Superscored; Lime 13th/Marigold 39th
2: Superscored; Lime 14th/Marigold 27th
3: Marigold 1st/Lime 6th
4: Superscored; Marigold 4th/Lime 5th
5: Superscored; Thonk 8th/Yaw 19th
6: Award; 4th with Solon included

2019-2020 Season (11th Grade)

Event Mira Loma Aggie BARSO NorCal
Codebusters 4th 2nd 1st R
Experimental Design 8th 5th 2nd I
Sounds of Music 12th 4th 8th P
Write It Do It 15th - 4th :(
Team 4th 3rd 1st F

2018-2019 Season (10th Grade)

Event BARSO NorCal
Codebusters 3rd 13th
Fermi Questions 9th 3rd
Herpetology 22nd 11th
Ornithology (Trial) - 2nd
Sounds of Music 5th -

2017-2018 Season (9th Grade)

Ecology 6th
Fermi Questions 7th
Herpetology 5th

2016-2017 Season (8th Grade)

(Div. B results are a little foggy and I can't find all of them so some of these might not be completely accurate)

Event Churchill Mira Loma Mountain House BARSO NorCal
Invasive Species 4th (?) 11th ? 2nd didn't go :(
Road Scholar 2nd (?) 11th 7th (?) 2nd :(
Wright Stuff 15th 11th ? 5th :(

2015-2016 Season (7th Grade)

Event Churchill Mira Loma Wicklund BARSO
Elastic Launched Glider 2nd 3rd 4th 3rd
Invasive Species 2nd 1st 7th 3rd
Road Scholar 5th 2nd 2nd 4th

2014-2015 Season (6th Grade)

Elastic Launched Glider 4th
Entomology 8th
Road Scholar 9th



Event July 2020 August 2020 September 2020 January 2021
Codebusters 5th 3rd - 1st
Fermi Questions - 3rd - -
Science Bowl - - 3rd -

3rd Klebb placed 3rd in Fermi Questions at the September 2020 Monthly Event Challenges.
3rd Klebb placed 3rd in Codebusters at the September 2020 Monthly Event Challenges.