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kman1234t's user page.

kman1234t was one of the former presidents of and did primarily earth and life science events at

NCAKman1234t competes in California (North).
Mountain View High School Science Olympiad Logo.jpgKman1234t attends Mountain View High School.

He joined scioly for the free food his freshman year. Since then he has gained 10 kilos.

DISCLAIMER: Mountain View Scioly does not take responsibility for the weight gain that occured during kman1234t's time in Science Olympiad.

He currently is enrolled at the University of California, Santa Barbara.

General Information
Years in SO 4
State SoCal
Division C
Total medals 83
  • 59 invitational medals
  • 12 regional medals
  • 8 state medals
  • 4 national medals
Competitor Info
Competitions attended 21
  • 14 invitationals
  • 3 regionals
  • 2 states
  • 2 nationals
Events competed in 15
Years volunteered 2
Number of competitions 7
Number of tests written 9
Social Media
Email (email)
Discord { therealiC#0021}

All Placements

A few of kman1234t's tests:

CSE Ornithology Test 2020

SSSS 2020 DP Oceanography

River Hill Science Olympiad DP Oceanography 2021

Rickards Road Scholar 2021 (2022 season)

BirdSO Mini 2022 Ornithology