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Lily Essence is currently a member of Seven Lakes High School Science Olympiad. In the 2012-13 competition year, she will be a senior.

She was a member of Beckendorff Junior High School. 2008-2009 was her first year in Science Olympiad. She competed for Beckendorff in the 2009-2010 school year as a returning freshman. As a sophomore and junior at Seven Lakes High School she once again took on two more years of Science Olympiad. She is currently planning on competing in her last year as a senior.

She has competed at Texas State all four years. She has gone to Nationals thrice and has medaled at Nationals a total of four times. She has placed top 10 seven times.

Events for 11-12

Event Regionals State Nationals
Forestry 1st 2nd 9th
Protein Modeling -- -- 20th
Helicopters 1st 1st 10th
Picture This -- 1st --
Topographic Maps -- 1st -

Events for 10-11

Event Regionals State Nationals
Ornithology -- 1st 4th
Protein Modeling -- 2nd 9th
Helicopters 1st 1st 6th
Picture This -- 1st --

Events for 09-10

Event CyFalls Inv. Greenhill Inv. Hutto Inv. New Caney Inv. Texas State Nationals
Ornithology 2nd 2nd 1st 5th
Road Scholar 2nd 1st 1st 6th
Trajectory 2nd 3rd 7th 16th
Triple E 2nd NP D NP

Events for 08-09

Event CyFalls Inv. New Caney Inv. Gulf Coast Regi. Texas State
Amphibians & Reptiles 4th 2nd 1st 1st
Pentathalon 2nd 1st NP NP
Road Scholar NP NP NP 1st
Trajectory ~~ 7th* 1st 6th
Write It Do It 3rd ~~ NP NP

(*) Grading mistake. Proctor added an additional zero to the end of our far target score. True place is atleast 4th.
(NP) Lily did not participate in this event at this competition
(~~) Lily participated, but has forgotten what she placed in it