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I am currently a Division C competitor from Cumberland Valley High School in Mechanicsburg, PA. I started Competing in my 8th grade year (in 2016) at Eagle View Middle School, and am currently in my Junior year at the HS. For the 2019-2020 year, I was my team's Secretary and for the 2020-2021 year, I was my team's VP.

My email:

LoganTokle123's Achievements
Number of years competing 4
Total medals 14
Total golds 2
Total Competitions Attended 15
Total Events Competed In 51
Invitational Medals 10
Regional Medals 3
State Medals 1
National Medals NA

Events and Places


Event Rustin Little Tiger States
Herpetology 7th - -
Meteorology ? ? -
Dynamic Planet - ? -
Invasive Species - ? -
Ecology - ? -
Bag of Bones - - ?
Codebusters - - ?
We've Got Your Number - - ?

This was my first year in Division B SciOly. I was an alternate at all 3 tournaments. Because i was an alternate, i did not compete nor attend my team's regionals this year. The question marks mean that i dont remember what place i got. I only got a 7th place ribbon in Herpetology at Rustin


Event BAVF Barons Little Tiger Regionals States
Herpetology 10th 5th 2nd 5th 9th
Dynamic Planet 8th 4th - 1st 11th
Remote Sensing 12th 10th - 7th 28th
Potions & Poisons - - 6th - -
Anatomy & Physiology - - 10th - -
Meteorology - - 5th - -

This was my 2nd year in SciOly and my 1st year in Division C. I was able to go back to Little Tiger and help fill in spots because i was in 9th grade. My medals were: DP and Herp at MC Barons, Herp and Meteorology at Little Tiger, and DP at Regionals.


Event BAVF Barons States
Herpetology 7th 3rd 2nd
Fossils 12th 6th 7th
Geologic Mapping 5th 14th -
Dynamic Planet 24th 11th -

This year, i did not compete at regionals because i was an alternate, but was put back on the team for states. The medals i got were: Geomapping at Battle, Herp at MC Barons, and Herp at States.


Event LISO BAVF Solon Regionals States
Fossils 14th 6th 10th 1st X
Ornithology 14th - 6th 2nd X
Dynamic Planet 9th 2nd - - X
Geologic Mapping 18th 17th 4th - X
Boomilever 2nd - - - X
Gravity Vehicle 5th - - - X
Lean Mean Meme Machine - - 19th - X

I was a fill in for Boomi and gravity at LISO. This year, i medaled in: Boomi, Gravity, and DP at LISO, DP at Battle, ribboned in Geomapping and Orno at Solon, and medaled in Fossils and Orno at Regionals. States never happened due to Corona.


Event MIT BAVF Solon Regionals States
Fossils - - - - -
Ornithology - - - - -
Dynamic Planet - - - - -
Geologic Mapping - - - - -
Sounds of Music - - - - -
Forensics - - - - -
Water Quality - - - - -

Eagle Invitational

At Cumberland Valley's 1st and 2nd annual Eagle invitational, I have helped out extremely. Other then the normal team prepwork and busy work, at the 1st invy, I modified, ran, and supervised the trial events Duct Tape Challenge and Endangered, Extinct, and Exotic Animals. I also had a test and rules made for the trial event Parasitology, but that event was not run. At our 2nd invy, as stated below, I made the Ornithology, Fossils, and Water Quality tests. I also supervised the Ornithology and Dynamic Planet events.

Official Tests I've Written

Season Tournament Date Role
2018-2019 Eagle Invitational Febuary 9th, 2019 Duct Tape Challenge and Endangered, Extinct, and Exotic Animals B Writer
2019-2020 Eagle Invitational Febuary 8th, 2020 Ornithology, Fossils, and Water Quality B Writer
2020-2021 Eagle Invitational Febuary 13th, 2021 Ornithology and Water Quality B Writer

Unofficially, I have written dozens upon dozens of practice tests for me and my teammates. If you would like to have any of these, please email me.

Events I've Created

I actually created my own trial event that i soon hope to get being used at actual competitions. It is called Evolution, for is Division B, and has sections based on Freshman Biology and Anthropology. If anyone would like the rules and/or a practice test, email me.

Other activities I Participate In

  • Concert Band (Tuba)
  • Envirothon
  • Boy Scouts (Eagle Scout)
  • BSA Camp Counselor