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Hello my name is Maadhavan and I have been in Science Olympiad under J Michael Lunsford Middle School for 2 years. I have competed in the Lake Braddock, NCS, Stemboost, and Kennedy Invitationals. I have competed at the Fairfax Regionals under the Nikto and Barada team. In my first year of Science Olympiad I specialized in Build Events, but after the Mini SO had to be used for Scioly due to COVID, I started doing list based study events(Fossils, Ornithology, etc.). Although Lunsford didn't qualify for states last year due to a new coach and many inexperienced members(including me), we did qualify this year.

2020(7th Grade Season) Representing: JML Middle School

Competition Mission Possible Fossils Experimental Design
NCS 13th - 12th
Fairfax Regionals 3rd 15th -

2021(8th Grade Season) Representing: JML Middle School

Competition WICI Fossils Food Science Ornithology Virology
Lake Braddock 16th - - 47th -
NCS - 2nd - 1st -
Stemboost 3rd 46th - 52nd -
Fairfax Regionals 7th 5th - 4th -
Kennedy - 67th 29th 47th 9th

The Klarada Postulate states that x+y=z-1, x+y+z=a-1, and a= b-1=c, c=a, x=c, x-1=y-1, x=y=z. Although this is very complicated, it has many uses in Aayoubian Linguistics, Reep Nation Math, and other great sources. The Klarada Postulate derives from the Zhang Postulate, which states that x+y=z.