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MadCow2357's Accomplishments
Number of years competing 3
Total medals 8
Invitational medals 4
Regional medals N/A
State medals 4
National medals 0

MadCow2357 is a current 8th grade Division B competitor who mostly specializes in building events. He competes for Gallagher Middle School, a Rhode Island team which recently made its debut at the national competition in 2017.



MadCow2357 joined the Gallagher Middle School Science Olympiad Team in December 2016, after meeting an 8th grader who introduced him to the competition. He began as an alternate who helped with Scrambler, but he quickly rose through the ranks to become an official member. He did the events Meteorology and Reach for the Stars, and managed to medal in both at the state competition. To everyone's greatest surprise, Gallagher finished first for the first time (in for) ever, and they were going to the national competition. At the national competition, MadCow2357 finished 54th in Meteorology and 51st in Reach for the Stars.


In this season, MadCow2357 competed in the events Battery Buggy, Mystery Architecture, and Towers. His first battery buggy did not work, and thus a second one was made. Disappointingly, it only placed 4th at the state competition with a no bonus, a distance of ~40 cm, and a time of ~3 seconds. For nationals, he created Mark 2, fashioned after windu34's 2016 Nationals EV. It placed a decent 26th at the National Tournament with no bonus, a distance of ~11 cm, and a time of ~2.75 seconds.

Results (Competitor Placements)


First Place
Second Place
Third Place
Other medals/ribbons
N/A Didn't compete or wasn't an event.

2016-2017 Season (6th grade, Division B)

States Nationals
Meteorology 2 54
Reach for the Stars 1 51
Team result 1 56

2017 - 2018 Season (7th Grade, Division B)

State Nationals
Battery Buggy 4 26
Towers 1 29
Mystery Architecture 3 44
Team Result 1 54

2018-2019 (8th Grade, Division B)

Harvard State Nationals
Battery Buggy 5
Boomilever 1
Fossils 5
Thermodynamics 5
Team Result 11