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mdv2o5 is currently a member of Divison D and a part of the MIT Invitational Planning Committee. In high school, he was a member of the Carmel High School Science Olympiad team in Carmel, Indiana. He served as a captain junior year and team president senior year. His most notable achievement is his 1st place medal in Write It Do It at the 2016 National Tournament at UW-Stout.


mdv2o5 is currently pursing a degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at MIT. As a result, his favorite event is Circuit Lab. His current endeavors in Division D include helping to run the MIT Invite, working on software to help run invitationals, and attempting to raise the level of competition in Circuit Lab through question marathons, wiki updates, and producing study material to help competitors. His current list of events he is interested in is: Circuit Lab, WIDI, Chem Lab, Material Science, and Robot Arm.


Vanadium is a pretty cool element with lots of colorful ions. Vanadium(V) oxide catalyzes the oxidation of sulfur dioxide into sulfur trioxide in the contact process of producing sulfuric acid. Evidently, despite switching majors, mdv2o5 remains a huge chemistry geek.