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The Epithelium Cause

Practice tests/questions for certain events (trials included)!

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Anatomy and Physiology


1. All the following are true about dendritic cells EXCEPT:

  • A. participate in the 2nd line of defense
  • B. constitute the smallest population of epidermal cells
  • C. arise from monocyte progenitor cells in the red bone marrow
  • D. easily damaged by UV light

2. An epiphyseal line is an example of a

  • A. syndesmosis
  • B. synostosis
  • C. synchondrosis
  • D. symphysis

2018 Test Exchange

Test Errata

Some of my tests do have mistakes! I try to proofread and check all portions of a test, but unfortunately, some do get past.

2020 SSSS Anatomy and Physiology

  1. 37- The answer should be D, osteoblasts.

2019 SSSS Heredity

  1. 37- Throw out this question, the key and test are incorrect. Adjusted point value: 74 points +1 bonus (thanks to reninkidney for pointing this out)

Previous Placements

2018 (7th grade, Division B)

Event Bardstown Invitational Centerville Invitational Regionals State Nationals
Anatomy and Physiology 1st 8th 1st 2nd 9th
Microbe Mission 1st 15th 1st 2nd 15th
Mystery Architecture 1st 1st 2nd
Meteorology 3rd

2019 (8th grade, Division B)

Event Regionals State Nationals
Anatomy and Physiology 1st 1st
Heredity 1st 1st
Mystery Architecture 1st 1st
Science Quiz Bowl 4th
What Are You Trying to Tell Me 2nd

2020 (9th grade, Division C)

Event Brown Kentukiana Invitational Cincinnati Invitational Solon Invitational Centerville Invitational Regionals State
Anatomy and Physiology 1st 1st 8th 2nd
Codebusters 2nd 4th 29th 10th
Designer Genes 1st 1st 2nd 2nd
Protein Modeling 1st 3rd 3rd 1st