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Mr. Cool now competes in Division C for Bearden High School in Tennessee. He was a member of the Bearden Middle School Science Olympiad team in 6th, 7th, and 8th grade.

Division B History

Below is a history of Mr. Cool's Science Olympiad participation in Division B.


Gold: 14

Silver: 3

Bronze: 2

Ribbons: 2

Total: 21

Regional Golds

7th Grade: Rocks and Minerals, Oceanography, Crave The Wave

8th Grade: Crave The Wave, Road Scholar, Dynamic Planet, Physical Science Lab

State Golds

7th Grade: Rocks and Minerals

8th Grade: Dynamic Planet, Road Scholar

National placings

6th Grade: Balloon Launch Glider, 11th; Balloon Race, 13th

7th Grade: Oceanography, 25th; Rocks and Minerals, 27th; Crave The Wave, 40th

8th Grade: Crave The Wave, 11th; Road Scholar, 12th; Dynamic Planet, 27th; Compute This, 55th

Division C

Mr. Cool competed at the regional level last year and received two gold medals, in Mousetrap Vehicle and Egg-O-Naut.