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General Information
Years in SO 4
Current Team Mason HS
Grade 10th
State OH
Division C
Total medals 52ish
State medals 2
National medals 0 (so far >:()
Social Media
Discord heyo392#2851

nobodynobody is currently a sophomore competing for Mason High School. He does the most random selection of events ever. Prior to division C, he used to compete for Mason Middle School. Usually participating in physics events, he has drifted to other sections. Were it not for Covid-19, he would be regularly doing Astronomy, Sounds of Music, WIDI, and Wright Stuff.

People He Shares a Birthday With

- Benjamin Franklin

- Jake Paul

- Betty White

- Muhammad Ali

- Al Capone

- Jim Carrey

- Steve Harvey

- Skeppy

- Michelle Obama

- James Earl Jones

- Calvin Harris

- Apparently Nick Maurer

People He Shares a Deathday With



Pre-scioly years

When I was a kid, I was already super interested in science. Mainly, the deep ocean and expansive space. I used to check out all of the books I could from the library and soaked through documentaries. Also, I watched a lot of Wild Kratts. I just really enjoyed learning about the mystic and unexplored alien worlds that were unfathomable to a little kid. Also, I got a chemistry kit and I was really hyped mixing things around. I remember one of my favorite things was visiting this one science museum that I never went to again lol :'( .

2017-18 (7th grade, Division B)

I had almost "accidentally" joined this club. You see, I only joined because I walked by a flyer during open house... yeah I am eternally grateful for that moment. Anyway, I decided to try out for physics and chemistry. I signed up and procrastinated studying until the day before xD. I just went through the study guide for 3 hours and bam it was testing day. I somehow made it and I was very happy. I ended up choosing Potions and Poisons, Hovercraft, Thermodynamics, and Optics. Optics is still one of my favorite events.

Except I was really bad at it lol. During the meetings, I didn't know what I was doing or understand what I was being taught so I played pokemon on my computer. I remember trying to catch a zapdos for the entire meeting and I still didn't get it (sad). When it came time for the mock invitational (to determine rosters for Centerville), I had 3 questions. "Wait it's today?" "Whats a binder lol," and "wait theres a list of organisms for potions???" Needless to say, I did horrible except in THERMODYNAMICS. I actually won (by a large margin) through common sense and dimensional analysis. Weird times. I cannot stress how bad I was. I made the Centerville rosters and I think my partners were doomed at that point? I actually started engaging with people and I started trying. My partners were really supportive <3. Placed in potions poggers!.

Event Centerville Regionals
Thermodynamics uhh something like 18 -
Hovercraft uhh something like 35 -
Optics uhh something like 20 2
Potions and Poisons 6 -

2018-19 (8th grade, Division B)

2nd year of scioly, and I convinced all of my friends to join this time. I stuck with phys/chem and avoided crime, doing Thermodynamics, Density Lab (which I dropped), Potions and Poisons, and Circuit Lab. Unfortunately, the school decided to put Power of the Pen, Mathcounts, and Scioly meetings on the same day to "give more opportunities to people," which was stupid because 1. Mathcounts couldn't lower their tryouts score without letting in 10000 more people so they were stuck with fewer members, 2. nobody does power of the pen and scioly/mathcounts, and 3. Only 2 additional people were able to join (because of drops) but there were 5+ people that planned to do both. Anyway, we were pretty intent on going to nats for the first time. This was probably my favorite year of scioly (tho div b events suck). Through the power of grinding and shraq, we smashed our record and got 5th at states. Pretty close don't you think.

Event New Albany Regionals States
Thermodynamics 1st 3rd 2nd
Circuit Lab 2nd 1st 3rd
Potions and Poisons 1st 2nd 12th
Picture This 2nd - -
Disease Detectives - 1st(filler) -

2019-20 (9th grade, Division C)

Big Big BIG hype to join Mason High School. This was the school that inspired me to grind last year. Being a freshman, I didn't know which events to pick, and I wanted to make the roster. I didn't go with pure physics because it was already dominated by OP people. I remember planning on maining WIDI and PPP lmfao, but I never went through with it (because freshmen were only allowed 3 events but we could be placed in more??? IDK). I went with astronomy (which I debated dropping because I procrastinated too much on an event as big as this, Sounds of Music (I wasn't gonna do this either until my friends convinced me to), Wright Stuff (I was told if I did it, I could make rosters).

I started the season off strong by being carried in astronomy, also my first over-night trip. I didn't make the rosters for sounds of music but it's ok. I also got put into WIDI, which the graded rubric we got back matched nothing like what I built (should've placed smh). I decided to actually start trying in wright stuff, so I got a new kit and grinded for UC. My best flight times were for UC (sad) cuz I got too ambitious after. I wasted so much time on this event but at least it was fun (sometimes).

When the MIT rosters came out, I was sad. I got placed onto B team. Anyway, I grinded :) (tada!). Also my plane hit the ceiling and crashed oof. TBH MIT was a miracle.

Covid rip. . .

Event Northview University of Cincinnati MIT Solon Centerville Regionals
Astronomy 1st 1st 5th 25th* 2nd 2nd
Ping Pong Parachute - - - 5th - -
Sounds of Music - 3rd 4th 5th 2nd 1st
Wright Stuff 19th 1st 8th 13th 6th 3rd
Write it Do it 13th - 4th - 8th 5th

There was a scoring error when adding points that resulted in 100 points not being counted, resulting in a 25th placing instead of a 3rd (still VERY traumatized about this to today)*

2020-21 (10th grade, Division C)

Yay sophomore year. I could have not asked for a better astronomy partner. I kind of despise this year because its all online and boring, but at least we can get spoiled with high quality tests every invite :D

I main astronomy now I guess

I'm glad to not be doing wright stuff btw.

Also I am the mystery build G.O.A.T

Event BEARSO UT Austin UGA Boyceville Satellite SOLVI Mira Loma MIT SOAPS GGSO SOUP Regs States Nats
Astronomy 2nd 3rd 9th 3rd 17th 1st 1st 1st 1st 1st - - -
Sounds of Music 4th 9th 1st - 4th 1st 3rd 2nd 3rd 7th - - -
Other Events
Digital Structures 44th - - - - - 10th - 9th - - - -
Mystery Build - - - 1st - - - - - - - - -
Solar Power - 6th - 5th - - - - - 3rd - - -
Wrightstuff/Helicopter 8th - - 7th - - - - - - - - -
Write it Cad it - - - - - - 53rd 23rd 14th 7th - - -

Wici progress pog :/