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A user who is clearly egotistical enough to create and maintain this page. :P

nxtscholar was born on the planet of K-182929282 (astronomy kids, good luck finding it). He was a leading engineer on his planet...before it was destroyed. He was forced to abandon his planet when a nearby star went supernova. After traveling a myriad of wormholes. he discovered and took residence on Earth, conveniently in America where Science Olympiad exists. But alas, most of his engineering prowess was lost due to amnesia from the crash landing, which explains the lack of gold medals.

Clearly, none of the above is true. (But I wish it was.)

nxtscholar currently attends John P. Stevens High School, one of the better teams in New Jersey. He is a builder for his school's Science Olympiad team. He was a member in 9th grade, somehow got dropped 10th, and returned 11th grade. His happiest moment in Science Olympiad is actually watching his friend at North finally get a chance to go to nationals in Division C.

NJNxtscholar competes or competed in New Jersey.

Medals Overview

5th Nxtscholar has received a 5th place medal in Boomilever at 2014 Union County College Regionals.
4th Nxtscholar has received a 4th place medal in Scrambler at 2014 New Jersey States.
Silver Nxtscholar has received a Silver medal in Wright Stuff at 2015 Union County College Regionals.
Silver Nxtscholar has received a Silver medal in Air Trajectory at 2015 New Jersey States.
4th Nxtscholar has received a 4th place medal in Wright Stuff at 2015 New Jersey States.

9th Grade (2011-2012)


No medals at NJIT Regionals. nxtscholar had no idea what Science Olympiad was, but still tried his best anyways. He got rewarded with bad luck. He had a partner who hardly did work, a helicopter that broke at regions and had to be salvaged, and poor weather. Thus, he did not go with the states team.

  • 9th in Helicopter
  • 16th in Astronomy

10th Grade (2012-2013)

Got dropped from the team, while other people who did/do nothing got accepted O.o

11th Grade (2013-2014)

Eager to redeem himself, nxtscholar swore to work not just harder, but smarter.


  • 5th in Boomilever
  • 20th in Elastic Launched Glider (Did not have time to work on it; my partner did it)


  • 4th in Scrambler
  • 17th in Mission Possible (No time to build a legit MP machine)

12th Grade (2014-2015)

Last year...


  • 2nd in Wright Stuff.


  • 2nd in Air Trajectory
  • 4th in Wright Stuff

Besides Science Olympiad

nxtscholar actively participated/participates in:

  • Knowledge Masters (2012 Spring KMO Champions)
  • Future Business Leaders of America
  • Lemelson-MIT InvenTeam
  • Model UN
  • NJAAPT Physics Olympics
  • Choir
  • Odyseey of the Mind
  • Science League