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General Information
Years in SO 6
Past Team(s) Conant High School

Mead Junior High School

State IL
Division D Information
Forum profile Nydauron
Exalted 3x
Total medals 29
  • 12 invitational medals
  • 11 regional medals
  • 6 state medals
Competitor Info
Competitions attended 21
Events competed in 16
Years volunteered 2
Number of competitions 6

Nydauron has been apart the Conant High School Science Olympiad Team for four years since 2015. He also competed in Division B back at Mead Junior High. He currently is now at the University of Illinois: Urbana-Champaign studying computer science and is an active member in the Div D community.

Nydauron has been apart of the Conant Science Olympiad for all 4 years.
Gold3.gifNydauron has been exalted 3 times.
Cougarlogo.jpegCONANTNydauron attended Conant.
Nydauron attends UIUC.
ILNydauron competed in Illinois.
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Div C


This was my 3rd year in Science Olympiad, 1st in Division C, and it felt completely new to me. I somehow got stuck with It's About Time which to me seemed like one the hardest events I’ve had. Yet, I still managed to place at our regional! It was our first time our school went to state and I was excited to compete in Hovercraft. Though our build was a complete mess, and I had no idea we would still be able to place!


Event Regionals (JV) State (A)
Hovercraft (TRIAL) - 3rd
It's About Time 4th -

4th Nydauron has received a 4th place medal in It's About Time at Harper Regional.

Bronze Nydauron has received a Bronze medal in Hovercraft at Illinois State @ UIUC.


This year, I was put under Electric Vehicle. I didn’t even expect to place with my build since it was simply a Ward’s kit that the team purchased. Funnily enough, at regionals, my build outperformed our Varsity build! We went to state again for the second time. This time, I competed in Geocaching and easily got 1st. (We joked my cross country coach would be proud!)


Event Regionals (JV) State (A)
Electric Vehicle 3rd -
Geocaching (TRIAL) - 1st

Bronze Nydauron has received a Bronze medal in Electric Vehicle at Harper Regional.

Gold Nydauron has received a Gold medal in Geocaching at Illinois State @ UIUC.


This year, I finally earned a Varsity spot and decided to go try hard. Mousetrap Vehicle was one of the events I spent the most time on: making small refinements, doing several runs, even straight up building a new version! Later on in the season, our team assigned me to do Hovercraft. So during the month of Feburary, I gave my best attempt at trying to build one. Fortunately, I was able to build a functioning hovercraft for regionals. Before that, no one on the team was able to build a “working” hovercraft. Both my mousetrap vehicle and hovercraft got 1st at regionals. Carrying the team to state, I placed 2nd overall for Mousetrap Vehicle and 3rd overall for Hovercraft.


Event Regionals (V) State (AA)
Hovercraft 1st 3rd
Mousetrap Vehicle 1st 2nd
Thermodynamics 5th 12th

Gold Nydauron has received a Gold medal in Hovercraft at Harper Regional.

Gold Nydauron has received a Gold medal in Mousetrap Vehicle at Harper Regional.

5th Nydauron has received a 5th place medal in Thermodynamics at Harper Regional.

Bronze Nydauron has received a Bronze medal in Hovercraft at Illinois State @ UIUC.

Silver Nydauron has received a Silver medal in Mousetrap Vehicle at Illinois State @ UIUC.


This was my final season of SciOly. My final "Horrah!" you could say. I felt really confident going into this year due to my upset wins last season. Unfortunately, this will lead to me falling flat on my face as college applications whelmed me. As a result, my builds were rushed and ended up slightly worse than the competition. Expecting to bubble, I was bewildered that I medaled in 2 of my events this year at state.

During this year as well, I took inititive to push the team to rise up the ranks. Based on the data, this year's events REALLY syergized with our team, and I felt we were about top 15, possibly top 10 if we tried hard enough. At regionals, out team got 3rd overall along with a nice trophy! In the end, we ended up at 12th at state which was 9 up from the previous year. I was happy to end my Div C career with having help push the team to a higher level of competition.


Event Regionals (V) State (AA)
Circuit Lab 8th* 16th
Mousetrap Vehicle 3rd** 5th
Sounds of Music 3rd 5th
Thermodynamics -*** 21st

*Because sig figs apparently exist in physics, too...

**Our coaches messed up the result entries for MTV, so we ended getting a silver medal instead of a bronze medal. XD

***When coach doesn't put you in Thermo, and she already signed up self-schedule stuff already, and it just so happened Thermo and MTV were at the same time... facepalm

Bronze Nydauron has received a Bronze medal in Mousetrap Vehicle at Harper Regional.

Bronze Nydauron has received a Bronze medal in Sounds of Music at Harper Regional.

5th Nydauron has received a 5th place medal in Mousetrap Vehicle at Illinois State @ UIUC.

5th Nydauron has received a 5th place medal in Sounds of Music at Illinois State @ UIUC.

Div D

As someone who hates goodbyes, I couldn't leave SciOly. It had become a part of me that I couldn't leave behind. It had become something that defined me. Good thing Div D exists! lol


2019-2020 is my first year as part of Div D. Here is a list of the competitions that I have volunteered or will volunteer at:

Competition Event Role
Conant Gravity Vehicle Volunteer/ES Assistant
UChicago Div C Ping Pong Parachute Event Supervisor
Parkland Regional Machines Device Supervisor
UIUC State Tournament* Gravity Vehicle Co-Supervisor

*The IL state tournament was canceled at ISO's discretion due to COVID-19 and UIUC's new response as of 03/11/20 stating activities above 50 people are prohibited.


Ah yes: the season where COVID basically ruined everything. While not having in-person competitions was a big letdown that was expected, I am glad there was at least something to fill the void with Mini SO and even SSO. This year, I didn't want to do too much work regarding SciOly given that academics were already a burden with being online. That being said, here are the list of competitions I have volunteered or helped out so far this season:

Competition Event Role
BEARSO N/A Scilympiad Website Designer
SOLVI Circuit Lab Event Co-Supervisor & Grader
UChicago Div C Circuit Lab, Detector Building, Machines Grader
UChicago Div B Circuit Lab Grader

Event Experience

These are all the events I have background in.

Division B

Division C

Division D

Favorite Events

Here are my top 5 favorite events.

Beyond SciOly

While SciOly was and still is a good chunk of my life, I still manage to get other things done. Back at Conant and Mead, I was part of the XC and T&F team. I love distance running. Every time trial was like a step of motivation. It in fact pushed me enough to break 5 minutes in the mile! Among other things, I was also played the violin in my High School Symphony Orchestra for 4 years, making it into District 7 ILMEA 3 years, and once into All-State ILMEA. During the winter, I would compete with the chess team. If you've noticed so far, strategy, mind-games, and competition are all my thing. ;)

Now at Uni, it's been calm. I cut back a lot on extra activities to focus on coursework and to help destress easier. However, I picked up playing poker through a student organization. But, all in all, things are pretty mellow.

Oh yeah, I am also a trash Silver that clicks heads in CS:GO.