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Welcome to NYLHVSSO's userpage.

The user NYLHVSSO currently competes on the Scarsdale Middle School "B" Team on the Division B in New York State. This year is NYLHVSSO's first year in the Science Olympiad. He has competed in 3 events so far and has 2 medals (1st and 2nd).

NYLHVSSO is known to be someone who makes an excessive amount of unnecessary edits on the Wiki. See this page and this other page if you would like to help improve the wiki.

Fields of Science: NYLHVSSO is familiar with electronics and circuits, spreadsheets and documents, powder testing, birds, motion, work, energy, microbiology, rocks and minerals (but not identification), plants and trees, and ecology.

First Year (2010-11)

CJP Nylhvsso competed in Can't Judge a Powder.
MM Nylhvsso competed in Microbe Mission.
O Nylhvsso competed in Ornithology.

NYLHVSSO practiced for Junkyard Challenge and partially studied Disease Detectives.

Ornithology was almost an accident. Three weeks before Regionals, Scarsdale had their last event switch meeting. NYLHVSSO was removed from Junkyard Challenge and placed into Microbe Mission and Can't Judge a Powder a few days earlier. During the last switch, NYLHVSSO felt that he did not have enough events, so there were two choices - Dynamic Planet and Ornithology. Dynamic Planet was at the same time as Microbe Mission during the competition, so NYLHVSSO went with Ornithology.

Regional Results: 2011
Event Place
Can't Judge a Powder 1st
Microbe Mission 2nd
Ornithology 11th
Nylhvsso's Score 14
Team Score 147
Team Place 4th

Second Year (2011-12)

This SciOly season has not started yet. The tentative events can be found here.

A Nylhvsso plans to compete in Anatomy.
CT Nylhvsso plans to compete in Compute This.
F Nylhvsso plans to compete in Forestry.
MM Nylhvsso plans to compete in Microbe Mission.