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Hello, I'm pepperonipi.

I'm a previous Science Olympiad competitor who previously competed on Teams 1 and 2 of Boca Raton Community High School. On those teams, I was fortunate enough to attend tournaments across the country with teammates and coaches that I knew as family. I competed in amazing events run by amazing supervisors, and sometimes won medals in those events. Looking back on my high school experience, competing in Science Olympiad was one of the best decisions I made. If you are considering joining a team, I would highly recommend it.

A large part of Science Olympiad is the gathering of information - after all, it's hard to compete in events based on information when you have no information. And this task can be... challenging. Despite all of the fabulous resources provided by Science Olympiad, Inc., there is still a gap. This is why I contribute to the Science Olympiad Student Center, Here, as explained by the site's director, is where "the students have a voice."

The forums allow students, coaches, parents, and alumni to organize their voices and discuss community projects, ask questions about events, get help from fellow students, and learn about tournaments and events in the community. The wiki, with over sixteen thousand pages of information, is one of the largest repositories of knowledge in Science Olympiad, built by volunteers over the course of a decade. The chat allows people to communicate between each other quickly to get information about Science Olympiad,, or how everyone's days are going.

I hope that I can help to expand this beautiful source of knowledge that has been built by generations of volunteers before me. This is why I give some of my time - I believe in the project. was a helpful source of information for me when I began my journey in Science Olympiad, and I hope that the project can still serve as this helpful resource for students to come in future years.

I hope that you will help to contribute to this project, too. Truly, without volunteers, would be leaps behind where it is now, and with that, Science Olympiad would be, too. Please help to make this environment better for those to come, to inspire and assist the next generation of our world's scientists.

If you would like to contribute to, but do not know how, please send me a message on the forums. I will be happy to help you, and I am excited that you are interested in benefiting the project.

Thank you.

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General Information
Past Team(s) Boca Raton Community High School Team 1
State Florida
Division Division D Information
Forum profile pepperonipi
Staff Position Global Moderator
Exalted 0x
Medal 2.svg Ornithology 2020 Princeton
Medal 2.svg Ornithology 2020 SEFL Reg
Medal 2.svg Detector Building 2020 SEFL Reg
Medal 3.svg Detector Building 2020 Penn
Medal 3.svg Ornithology 2020 UGA
Medal 3.svg Ornithology 2021 SEFL Reg
Medal 3.svg Fermi Questions 2019 FL States
Medal 3.svg Fermi Questions 2019 SEFL Reg
Medal 3.svg Thermodynamics 2019 SEFL Reg
Medal 4.svg Detector Building 2021 SEFL Reg
Medal 5.svg Ornithology 2020 MIT
Medal 5.svg Ornithology 2020 Penn
Medal 5.svg Codebusters 2019 SEFL Reg
Medal 5.svg Thermodynamics 2019 FL States
Medal 5.svg Detector Building 2021 FL States
Medal 6.svg Solar Power 2021 Belleville
Science Olympiad
Event BEARSO UGA Belleville MIT Princeton Golden Gate UPenn Regionals States Nationals
10th Grade, Team 2
Code Busters 32nd 35th 5th 8th
Fermi Questions 32nd 19th 3rd 3rd
Thermodynamics 19th 12th 3rd 5th
Detector Building 24th
11th Grade, Team 1
Detector Building 12th 32nd 8th 3rd 2nd Cancelled due to COVID-19
Ornithology 3rd 5th 2nd 5th 2nd
Data Science 22nd
Code Busters 13th
12th Grade, Team 1
Ornithology X (conflict) 21st 42nd
Detector Building 74th 28th 68th
Circuit Lab 126th 80th 113th
Write It CAD It 54th 35th 21st
Cybersecurity 93rd
Solar Power 6th
 Trial   Substitution   Cancelled 
Competition Role Date
Northview Invitational Fermi Questions Test Co-writer 12/8/18
OSS Invitational Detector Building Test Co-writer 11/23/19
OSS Invitational Ornithology Test Co-writer 11/23/19
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