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This project revolved around updating the page of my school, Boca Raton Community High School. This included greatly expanding the page's description, history, and streaks/records sections along with greatly expanding the amount of information stored in the results tables for official competitions and invitationals.

I also attempted to add a few pictures on the side of the page.

This is what the page looked liked before I was even able to touch it.

Mistakes and Team Approval

After I kept editing our page, my team caught on. One of my teammates, Lorant, noticed something odd in the wording of one of my edits:

The entire program consists of 5 teams:

  • Team 1 is the team with students that are considered to be the most hard-working and devoted to Science Olympiad. Thus, Team 1 typically outperforms all of the other teams in the program by varying margins. They are also the team that attends the most invitationals and the team that attends nationals.
  • Team 2 is the team with quality students that are driven to succeed, but do not have the same expectations that Team 1 has. It is considered a good introductory team for those new to Science Olympiad and hope to advance in the future; it also serves as a good place for individuals who want to invest some time and effort, but not an insane amount. This teams attends some invitationals, and typically moves on to regionals and states.
  • Teams 3, 4, and 5 are the teams with students that come to Science Olympiad less frequently in the year. These teams typically only attend regionals, but if the team does well then they may attend the state-level competition.

You can clearly see I wrote some offending content about our teams. I directly stated how some teams were more hardworking or devoted than some other teams, which is not right and not okay. After being called out in my team's group chat, I lessened the content about the different teams in our school's programs.

But, this a reminder to all others: MAKE MISTAKES! Even after being called out in my team's group chat, I continued to work on the project and my school's wiki page is one of the most developed on the entire wiki. Don't let the small obstacles like this stop you!