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Creating a state SVG map from Wikipedia

  1. Download the SVG map from the Wikipedia page "Module:Location map/data/X" where X is the area you're looking for (such as Wikipedia:Module:Location map/data/Nevada)
  2. Open the SVG file in a program such as Inkscape or Adobe Illustrator
  3. Replace the following colors:
    1. fefee9→F4F4F4
    2. f6e1b9→cccccc
    3. c6ecff→C0D1E9
    4. 0978ab→2E66B6
    5. 646464→999999
    6. e0e0e0→999999
  4. Save the file as an SVG. The file should be less than 500 KB in order to be rendered on the wiki. If the normal file is over 500 KB, attempt to save the file as an optimized SVG.
  5. Upload the file to the wiki. Make sure to add Category:SVG Maps and Category:SVG State Maps.


Icon Name
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