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A List of Userboxes I "Made" (feel free to use them!)

{{User:Pepperonipi/Userboxes/Boca Raton Community High School}}
FLThis user competes or competed in Southeast Florida.
This user is on the dpef hsjoe!
{{User:Pepperonipi/Userboxes/Code Grind}}
SciolyForums2017.PNG This user checks the Scioly Forums daily!
EST It is approximately 9:14:22 PM where this user lives.
{{User:Pepperonipi/Userboxes/Current Time|timezone=EST}} (the timezone parameter should equal either EST, CST, MST, PST)
This user knows HTML,
, and Javascript
{{User:Pepperonipi/Userboxes/Web Dev}}
1k+ This user has made more than 1,000 contributions to the Scioly Wiki.
{{User:Pepperonipi/Userboxes/Edit Count|1,000|1k+}} (first and second parameters are customizable)
?! This user has flipped.

🍔 Dis usah can has cheezburger?
:-] This user is happy.
{{User:Pepperonipi/Userboxes/ATP Synthase}}
If this is your first time receiving this message, please restart your computer.
FlagLGBT.svgThis user is proud to be part of the LGBT community.
 This user
{{User:Pepperonipi/Userboxes/This user}}
Ring-billed Gull.jpg
This user is a seagull.
Computer n screen.svgThis user is interested in computer science.
Gatecrasher.jpgThis user enjoys EDM music
SciolyOrgLogo.pngThis user joined on 01/01/20!
{{User:Pepperonipi/Userboxes/Join Date|01/01/20}}
Detroit Style Pizza.pngThis user prefers pepperoni pizza.
{{User:Pepperonipi/Userboxes/Pepperoni Pizza}}
This user wonders if bernard will be there.
{{User:Pepperonipi/Userboxes/You'll be there, right bernard?‎}}
<html>This user can write HTML.
css { }This user can write CSS.
.jsThis user can code things in JavaScript.
def py():This user can code things in Python.
.luaThis user can write scripts in Lua.
.javaThis user can code in Java.
## mdThis user can write in Markdown.
{{wt}}This user can write Wikitext, and uses it here on this wiki!
Colouring pencils.jpgThis user likes Colours!!
This user is a proud native resident of the United States of America.
This user lives in the
State of Florida.