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Current Wiki Things

Articles for Deletion

1. Template: PA Regions
2. Template: PA States Results
3. Template: Georgia State Results

Tournaments of Navbox Progress

Created (1/50)

Complete (5/50)

Things to Do

1. Finish Template:About
2. Add other hatnote templates
3. Alphabetize all Tournaments of templates
4. Make CTHS Invitational page and add Tournaments of Alaska NB to it
5. Finish Template:Main (make sure l1, l2, etc. work, and add section symbol for links to sections of pages)
6. Check to make sure Mission possible machines page gets deleted
7. Get started on Uw templates.
8. Update documentation for Template:Uw-advert1.
9. Update current wiki projects to know what you're actually doing.
10. Consider making templates for results tables.
12. Make userboxes customizable for others to use!
13. Add documentation for Template:Irb row.
14. Create Template:Documentation.

User Watch

1. User:Jaydent8403 (talk) (L2 UC Edits/Vandalism)
Wiki Resources

Colors that I use when editing the Wiki (not official):

Color Current Uses
#ddffdd - Highlighting the first year of a tournament, team, etc. (see Eastern Florida Regional#Location History)
- Highlighting regional champions on state tournament pages (see 2019 Georgia State Tournament)
#ffdddd - Highlighting the last year of a tournament, team, etc. (see Southwest Florida Regional#Location History)
#ffdead - Indicating that a division/competition was not held (see Northern Florida Regional#Division_C) (this is different than a planned tournament being cancelled, where red would be used)
Taken from the Wikipedia Manual of Style/Road junction lists documentation

Legend(ary) Table Footer (^ω^)


Example: 2019 Georgia State Tournament

When to use: I find this footer to be helpful when displaying one or more tables in a table. I find it presents an easy way to reference what the colors mean.

How to use:

1. Format the footer of the table correctly. This includes:

Adding class=unsortable before the content in the table footer
Also adding colspan="n" where n is the number of columns in the table (so that the table footer is merged across all columns)
Also adding style="text-align: center;" or style="margin-right: 5px" if desired

2. Adding the content that makes the box and tag

Code for box and tag:

<span style="background: #ddffdd; border: solid 1px black; width: 20px; height: 20px; display: inline-block">‌</span> Tag

3. Compile the table

Example code: {| class="wikitable" |+Most Populous U.S. Cities |- !Rank !!Name !!Population !!Founding |- |1||New York||8.4 million||1624 |-style="background: #ffff99;" |2||Los Angeles||4 million||1781 |- |3||Chicago||2.7 million||1833 |-style="background: #ddffdd;" |4||Houston||2.3 million||1837 |- |5||Phoenix||1.6 million||1881 |-style="background: #ffff99;" |6||Philadelphia||1.6 million||1682 |-style="background: #ddffdd;" |7||San Antonio||1.5 million||1718 |- !colspan="4" style="text-align: center;" class=unsortable|<span style="background: #ddffdd; border: solid 1px black; width: 20px; height: 20px; display: inline-block; margin-right: 5px">‌</span>Located in TX <span style="background: #ffff99; border: solid 1px black; width: 20px; height: 20px; display: inline-block; margin-right: 5px">‌</span>Has Trump National Golf Club |}


Most Populous U.S. Cities
Rank Name Population Founding
1 New York 8.4 million 1624
2 Los Angeles 4 million 1781
3 Chicago 2.7 million 1833
4 Houston 2.3 million 1837
5 Phoenix 1.6 million 1881
6 Philadelphia 1.6 million 1682
7 San Antonio 1.5 million 1718
Located in TX Has Trump National Golf Club