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Hello, everyone! I am a current student at Brentwood High School Class of 2021, captain of our Science Olympiad team, and caster of the one and only "The Bone Book."

I like biology. I live, breathe, and metabolize biology. Reach out if you want to talk about biology.

Philosoraptor1's Accomplishments
Number of years competing 5
Total medals/ribbons 36
Invitational medals/ribbons 7
Regional medals/ribbons 17
State medals/ribbons 12
TNPhilosoraptor1 competes in Tennessee.
BHSPhilosoraptor1 attends Brentwood High School (Tennessee).

Division B (Brentwood Middle School)

6th Grade (2014-2015)

I was a wee bum.

7th Grade (2015-16)

I was one of the founding members of the "BMS Dynasty," a magnificent order which has triumphed at Regionals for the past 5 years.

Event Regionals (MTSU) State (UTK)
Anatomy & Physiology N/A 4th
Food Science 1st 3rd
Green Generation 5th 12th
Invasive Species 3rd 3rd
Team Placement 1st 5th

8th Grade (2016-17)

Event Regionals (MTSU) State (UTK)
Anatomy & Physiology 2nd 4th
Food Science 1st 6th
Disease Detectives 2nd 3rd
Ecology 1st 3rd
Team Placement 1st 3rd

Division C (Brentwood High School)

9th Grade (2017-18) — A Team

Event Invitationals (John Pope Paul II) Regionals (TTU) State (UTK)
Anatomy & Physiology 1st 1st 6th
Disease Detectives -- 3rd 20th
Remote Sensing -- 2nd 6th
Team Placement 7th 2nd 10th

10th Grade (2018-19) — A Team

I was appointed to serve as the focus captain for the Life/Earth sciences team and serve as the vice president of our team.

Event Invitationals (John Overton High School) Regionals (TSU) State (UTK)
Anatomy & Physiology 1st 1st 6th
Designer Genes 3rd 6th 5th
Water Quality 3rd 1st 6th
Team Placement 2nd 1st 6th

11th Grade (2019-20) — A Team

I was elected to serve as the President of our SciOly team and also served as the focus group captain of our Life/Earth Sciences team. During the 2019-20 season, I helped establish a USA Biology Olympiad chapter at our school, competed on our school's Science Bowl team (though we did not compete at the tournament because of a conflict with SciOly Regionals), and tutored SciOly students at Brentwood Middle School, helping to maintain the "BMS Dynasty."

Our team did not compete at State due to its cancellation amidst the 2019-20 Coronavirus outbreak. Sad times :((((

Event Invitationals (John Overton High School) Regionals (TTU) State (UTK)
Anatomy & Physiology 5th 1st
Designer Genes 3rd 3rd
Fossils ? 1st
Water Quality 3rd 1st
Team Placement 5th 1st Definitely 1st

12th Grade (2020-2021) — A Team

I served as our life sciences captain for the third year in a row.

Event Invitationals (?) Regionals (?) State (?)