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A bot made for the wiki and forums.
Developed and maintained by pepperonipi.

  • Task 0: Assigning Category:User Pages to user pages without it. Can be run on demand to do operation specified. Has completed about 250 edits.
  • Task 1: Converting raw tables to standardized templates. Has successfully ran for 40/50 states, converting their state tournament results box tables to the standard Template:State tournament results box. Has completed about 60 edits.
  • Task 2: Creating a table of the users with the most edits. This has run successfully many times, but does not run on a schedule currently. The table is viewable here. Has completed about 3 edits.
  • Task 3: Creating a welcomer. No progress has been made on this. Has completed 0 edits.
  • Task 4: Making sure that there are no instances of "canceled" anywhere in the main namespace on the wiki, in the name of User:HugoTroop. Completed about 1 edit, which was reverted.
  • Your Daily Random Comment: Checks every 22 hours, and quotes others and responds to their post.