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Task 0: Assigning Category: User Pages to User Pages Without It

[COMPLETE] This task simply adds the User Pages category to user pages without it.

The script used to run this task searched through all 7,540 users, checked to see if they had a user page, and then added the User Pages category if the page missed it.

Edits regarding Task 0 had this edit summary: Added the User Pages category to a user page that was missing it. (See [[User:Pi-Bot/Task 0]] for more info.)

Task 1: Converting Raw Tables to Templates

[NOT COMPLETE] This task is meant to convert raw tables on the wiki to their associated template. For example, many tournament pages contain the raw table version of Template:InvitationalInfoBox:

{|class="wikitable" align="right" style="width: 20em; text-align: left; font-size: 80%; border: 1px solid #888; float: right;"
|+ style="font-size: larger;" |'''University of Georgia Invitational'''
| C
|'''Date (most recent)'''
| October 20th, 2018
|'''Year Started'''
| 2015
| Athens, Georgia
| []

This task regards the bot changing that wikitext into the template version:

|Date=October 20th, 2018
|Year started=2015
|Location=Athens, GA

This would regard templates such as Template:InvitationalInfoBox, Template:RegionalInfoBox, Template:TeamInfoBox, Template:Regional results box/Template:Rrb row, Template:Invitational results box/Template:Irb row, and Template:State tournament results box/Template:Strb row.

To-do for later: Maine, Massachusetts, Montana, New Hampshire, New York, Vermont, West Virginia

Task 2: Creating Table of Users with Most Edits

[NOT COMPLETE] Ideally, this task would create a bot that would periodically update this table with new information. The first goal is to simply create a table that can be updated on demand. Then, working in dynamic updating can be done.

See User:Pi-Bot/Task 2/Most Edits Table for the table itself.

Task 3: Creating a Welcomer

[NOT COMPLETE] This part of the bot would welcome users with the Template:Welcome being placed on their talk page after expressing some activity on the forums/wiki.