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Piedpiperkim's real name is James and is one of the most soy iconic pan flutists in Lake Braddock Secondary School.

His PVC panflute will actually shun away everyone, making James end up in the backroom by himself. Everyone loves hating on James for his continuous practice of "music therapy" during practice, but results show how effective the 40 hours a day schedule is.

Piedpiperkim, as it can be inferred from the name, is a recorder player, having experience of teaching (or volunteering) a music therapy class with recorders. His collection includes 14 of garklein to bass recorders. He actually plays clarinet in his school band.



He is a master at Picture This and Quiz Bowl, but more of Sounds of Music, constantly placing in every competition. He has won 6th at Cornell. 2nd at National Cathedral, 5th at Duke, and 2nd at UMW for this year. We are not going to talk about Detector Building ;).

Past and Current Events

1. Protein Modeling

2. Circuit Lab


4. Sounds of Music

5. Detector Building

6. Picture This

7. Quiz Bowl