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PikaPikaChu's Accomplishments
Number of years in Science Olympiad 2
Number of Invitational Medals 22
Number of Regional Medals 2
Number of State Medals 6
Number of National Medals 1

The chart on the right refers to Division C accomplishments.

PikaPikaChu has been apart of Scioly for four years. She first joined in middle school, but was unable to make Nationals until the 2018 season. During freshman year, Pika took a year off competing after transferring schools. Pika placed 25th in Experimental Design and 28th in Dynamic Planet (Plate Tectonics) sophomore year at Colorado State University 2018. She is now one of the captains of the BVN Scioly team.

Pika attended the Cornell University 2019 Nationals tournament where she finally placed 6th in Dynamic Planet (Glaciers).

Pika is known/hated for creating portmanteaus for all the events, most notably Mopple, 4n6, Wruff, and Wality.


Event O-Town Throwdown Mill Valley Oak Park Warrensburg Regionals Pembroke State Nationals
Dynamic Planet 7th 13th 1st 3rd 7th 3rd 1st 6th
4n6 (Forensics) - 5th 7th 6th - 6th 1st 38th
Geologic Mapping 1st 1st 1st 4th 8th 1st 1st 22nd
WIDI - - 5th 3rd - 14th 7th Did not compete
Mopple (Mission Possible) 6th 3rd 3rd 5th 5th 3rd 4th (3rd LS) 28th
Disease Detectives Did not compete Did not compete Did not compete Did not compete 7th Did not compete Did not compete 31st

Pika is/has competed in Scioly at:

Blue Valley North High School (2017-present)

Harmony Middle School (2013-2016)