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Who doesn't like love? We humans are naturally wired to appreciate it. There are all kinds of love: romantic love, platonic love, familial love, etc. But this is about electronic love, I suppose. I know, it's not traditional, but hey, spreading love is a GOOD thing. Scratch that, it's a GREAT thing. It gives you an opportunity to be a nice person, and who doesn't want to be a nice person?

pepperonipi started giving treats to people, but I guess I could expand on WikiLove bc I suppose he's got more important things to do, so I'll play around with it a bit.

A database of different treats you can offer to users on their talk pages is being built, the list will be updated here, but all you need to do is to input {{subst:INSERT YOUR TREAT NAME HERE}}

Current list of treats and codes to use them

The corresponding codes will also be shown because the capitalization actually matters.

You can even show that you've eaten the treat using Nomnom {{subst:Nomnom|insert treat name here}}, or you can show that you drank a drink using Slurrrrp! {{subst:Slurrrrp!|insert treat name here}}

For more details on how to use these templates, go to each of the pages and see the documentation!

Sandbox examples of these codes in use

You can use {{subst:cookie}} to leave a cookie. It will by default look like this:

In order to add a little message to the cookie, you need to use {{subst:cookie message=""}}.

For example,

{{subst:cookie|message="This is a test message! Well done, my friend! Keep up the good work!"}} will result in:

If you wanted to, you could even add images!

For example,

{{subst:cookie|message="This is a test message! Well done, my friend! Keep up the good work!" <br> [[File:Pikagif.gif|frameless|none]]}}.

Template Testing

A compilation of copy/pasting subst: codes to test them out

A Note

You may notice that when you hit edit on this page, the code you will see isn't {{subst:treat name}} anymore. Don't worry about that unless you're REALLY curious.