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PinkJalapeno currently goes to Troy High School. In middle school participated in Events: Heredity, Crime Busters, Food Science. Has one sibling who has competed for Jeffrey Trail in the past and is a veteran currently (who is much smarter, btw)

Invitational Placings 2020 season:

UTA Invitational 2020 - Heredity 2nd Place - Crime Busters 2nd Place Mira Loma Invitational 2020 -Heredity 1st Place -Crime Busters 6th Place -Food Science 2nd Place Mesa Robles Invitational 2020 -Crime Busters 6th Place -Food Science 5th Place -Heredity 2nd Place Jeffrey Trail Invitational 2020 -Crime Busters 7th place -Heredity 4th Place -Food Science 2nd Place Churchill Invitational 2020 -Heredity 2nd Place -Crime Busters 4th Place -Food Science 7th Place Regional Placings 2020 -Heredity 3rd Place -Crime Busters 4th Place -Food Science 2nd Place