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General Information
Years in SO 1
Current Team Whitney Young Magnet High School
Grade 9th
State Illinois
Division C
Total medals Medals haven't come :(

Social Media
Discord rachel_12#9324

Hello, wonderful person who's reading this!!!

This is Rachel12's userpage. She is a freshman at Whitney Young Magnet High School and this is her first year competing. Science is one of her main passions and she enjoys learning a bunch of new interesting things. She is on the JV team this year but hopes to make the varsity team next year!

SciolyOrgLogo.png Rachel12 won "Clumsiest/Most Accident-Prone" in the 2021 Superlatives.

SciolyOrgLogo.png Rachel12 won "Least Likely to Sleep, Period." in the 2021 Superlatives.

SciolyOrgLogo.png Rachel12 won "Most Likely to Sleep in Class" in the 2021 Superlatives.



Events UChicago Libertyville SOAPS RHSOI Regionals
Disease Detectives 23th 3rd 11th 7th 1st
Designer Genes 52th - 39th 27th 2nd

This was Rachel12's first year of SciOly, so she didn't do very well... as you can see in the placements above :( Her only two events were Disease Detectives and Designer Genes, both of which were fun. However, because of COVID, all competitions were remote, so she was unable to experience any fun activities that would normally happen at in-person competitions. She was on the JV team also, meaning she wasn't able to go to state that year.