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General Information
Years in SO 2
Current Team South Forsyth High School
Grade 10th
State GA
Division C

Rasmit is a random kid who goes to South Forsyth High School and does sort of okay in his events (although he admits he could waste less time starting random projects and focus more on studying).

Competitive Activities

2019-2020 (9th Grade, Div C)

In the 2019-2020 season, Rasmit had absolutely no clue what any of his events were really about. He liked Codebusters (although he was terrible at it and never practiced) and Machines (although he was and still is terrible at classical physics) and got thrown onto Astronomy at his second invitational even after getting around a 7% on the tryout test. Throughout the year, his notes were just random equations, diagrams, formula sheets, and other miscellaneous information thrown onto a document and virtually never updated. He also forgot his entire binder at home on the day of Brookwood Invitational but that isn't important.

Event SoFo Lambert Brookwood Regionals
Astronomy Did not do 22nd 26th 4th
Codebusters 6th 20th 25th 7th
Machines 21st 13th 20th 5th
Team ? 13th 21st 7th

2020-2021 (10th Grade, Div C)

In the 2020-2021 season, Rasmit suddenly decided to put effort into Science Olympiad! As a result, he was actually able to get decent placements! What a surprise!

Rasmit realized that, if you practice for Codebusters, you can actually get better! Thus, he made a website and a Discord bot to practice, and ended up getting addicted to the Morse ciphers (Pollux and Morbit). He also got thrown into Fossils one December morning, probably because he answers all the DSO questions in Astronomy, and ended up doing better than expected! Sadly, because he did not do very well at tryouts, he was not able to compete in Machines, although that is probably for the better.

Event SoFo UGA Boyceville Satellite Mira Loma Rice Duke UMich RHSOI State
Astronomy 3rd 21st 11th 14th 6th 73rd1 4th 3rd 5th
Codebusters 1st 1st 15th 21st 21st 39th 13th Did not do Did not do
Fossils Did not do Did not do Did not do 28th 18th 17th 14th 8th 6th
Team 1st 13th 15th 18th 8th 22nd 11th 4th 4th

1. 2/3 of the test did not save at this invite, which is the reason for the inconsistently low placement.

Trial Events

Rasmit (being Rasmit) spent way too much time preparing for his trial events and thus performed better on them than his main events, as is made evident by the tables below.

Duke UMich
WiFi Lab 1st 1st
Boyceville Satellite
Code Analysis 7th
Solar Power 7th
Rice State
Digital Structures 10th 6th
Fermi Questions 16th

Event Supervising Activities

Quantum Quandaries for SMEC February 2021