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Curremtly a 7th grader at JTLambert. I competed in Meteorology, Crime Busters, Compute This, and Write It Do It this year.I also filled in for someone on Optics at an invitational. Interesting fact: I ALWAYS HAVE CONFLICTS!!! Particularly with the States schedule. One time at Regionals, three of my four events were at the same time. One of my teammates has the same problem but not as bad. Our team almost always makes it to States but never any further. I <3 Science Olympiad & the Hunger Games, not that you care. I probably sound like a blonde, but I'm not. I'm actually really nerdy. And my hair is more like a dirty blonde/ light brown, depending on the light. Not that you care about that either. Well, I'm gonna shut up now. Bye-bye!!!!!!