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A fan of bottle rockets and other rocket related events, I also like storm the castle, and most of the earth science study events. I have competed in IN and TX, doing well in both states.



Regionals 1st - Dynamic Planet, Meteorology, and Bottle Rocket 2nd - Compute This


Regionals 1st - Meteorology and Don't Bug Me

Indiana State 1st - Bottle Rocket 2nd - Heredity 3rd - Compute This and Meteorology

Texas State 2nd - Solar System and Dynamic Planet 3rd - Meteorology 4th - Forestry


Invitationals 1st - Oceanography 2nd - Heredity, Meteorology, and Ecology 3rd - Solar System

Regionals 1st - Meteorology and History of Science 2nd - Ecology and Solar System

State 2nd - Solar System, Heredity, and History of Science 4th - Meteorology


State 2nd - History of Science 4th - Remote Sensing