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General Information
Years in SO 3
Current Team South Forsyth High School
Grade 10th
State GA
Division C

Royce goes to South Forsyth High School and loves scioly. He often tends to forget when the competitions are and has his friend Rasmit help him out.

Event Placements

2016-2017 (6th Grade, Div B)

Crime Busters (aka Forensics), Scrambler, Astronomy, and Invasive Species (I still have my 4th place medal)

2019-2020 (9th Grade, Div C)

Event SoFo Lambert Brookwood Regionals
Astronomy ? ? ? ?
Forensics 8th ? ? 38th
Dynamic Planet ? 9th 16th 12th
Ornithology ? ? ? 19th
Ping Pong Parachute ? ? ? ?
Team ? 13th 21st 7th

2020-2021 (10th Grade, Div C)

Event SoFo UGA Mira Loma Rice Duke UMich RHSOI State
Forensics 1st 18th 3rd 5th 40th 5th 2nd 2nd
Dynamic Planet 2nd 14th 41st 13th 37th 11th 9th 26th
Ornithology 12th 28th 33rd 34th 25th 17th 11th 19th
Team 1st 13th 18th 8th 22nd 11th 4th 4th

Trial Events:

Duke UMich
WiFi Lab 1st 1st
Data Science 19th