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Total medals 26
  • 12 invitational medals
  • 10 regional medals
  • 4 state medals
  • 0 national medals
Competitor Info
Competitions attended 13
  • 9 invitationals
  • 3 regionals
  • 1 state
  • 0 nationals

Currently do Geologic Mapping, Protein Modeling,Disease Detectives, and Designer Genes. Did SciOly at Clarksville Middle School for one year and currently an officer of the River Hill High School Science Olympiad Club. Also directed the River Hill Invitational in 2021 and wrote Disease Detectives for some competitions (would love to write Disease Detectives at more competitions). Places decently except in Geologic Mapping, but Geologic Mapping is a bad event.


CMSSAkEtH attended Clarksville Middle School.

Riverhill.pngSAkEtH attended River Hill High School.

2017-2018 (7th)

Event NatCat Regionals States
Disease Detectives 7th 2nd 2nd
Fast Facts 1st 7th 4th
Hovercraft 4th 4th 4th
Wright Stuff NS 10th 4th

2018-2019 (8th)

Nothing because SciOly was disbanded at CMS :(

2019-2020 (Freshman)

Event Fairfax MIT Princeton Regionals States Nationals
Astronomy 1st 27th 9th 3rd 1st* 1st*
Disease Detectives 4th 16th 17th 5th (L) 1st* 1st*
Geologic Mapping 8th 39th 17th 1st 1st* 1st*
Boomilever 27th 32nd 17th 1st 1st* 1st*
 *Note: These are all hypothetical placements if the 2020 MD State and National Tournaments had happened. :)
 *Note: To anyone who doesn't know me well, those hypothetical placements are a joke

2020-2021 (Sophomore)

Event Fairfax MIT CWRU Princeton SOUP Regionals States
Astronomy 40th
Disease Detectives 2nd we don't talk about this one 8th 13th 12th 1st 3rd
Geologic Mapping 6th 62nd (lol) 2nd 36th 46th 1st 1st
Designer Genes 2nd 26th 8th 4th 12th 1st 5th
Protein Modeling 1st 23rd 1st 5th 25th 1st 2nd
  • Didn't do Astronomy after MIT because it conflicts with Geologic Mapping in the Maryland schedule.
  • Helped with designs for Digital Structures but didn't compete in it


Here's a brief summary of my volunteering experience. Although I haven't done much so far, I would love to continue writing Disease Detectives tests in the future. Let me know if you're looking for a writer!

Season Tournament Location Role(s) Link
2021 River Hill Invitational MD Tournament Director
Co-writer for Disease Detectives C
Co-writer for Fast Facts C
Menomonie Invitational WI Co-writer and Event Supervisor for Disease Detectives B [2]
New Mexico State Tournament NM Co-writer for Disease Detectives B
Scioly.org_Monthly_Event_Challenges N/A Writer for Disease Detectives