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Sciduck's's Accomplishments
Number of Years Competing 4
Total medals 33
Invitational medals 20
Regional medals 6
State medals 7
National medals N/A

A two year captain of Wayzata Science Olympiad who likes stories. I remember my college-bound friends encouraging eighth grade me to join Science Olympiad because it was "literally life," "Asian-initiation," and "both the best and most painful bus rides you can experience in high school." I finally joined Science Olympiad during freshman orientation, when someone I didn't like yelled at me to join Science Bowl.

Freshman Year

aka "What am I doing?"

Event Boyceville River Falls Regionals
Disease Detectives 16th --- ---
Forensics --- --- 2nd*
Green Generation --- 7th 2nd
Mission Possible 11th 4th ---
Technical Problem Solving Canceled!* --- ---
Write It Do It 46th 24th? ---

* denotes fill in

Sophomore Year

aka "Pull Yourself Together"

I'm 90% sure I got thrown on our stacked team because I was that one kid who did the obscure events nobody else wanted to. I wasn't good, I just fit. This worked out for invitationals, but Regionals and State was a mess.

Event Boyceville River Falls Regionals State
Astronomy 12th 2nd 1st 1st
Cell Bio --- --- --- 5th*
Forensics --- --- --- 8th*
Game On 6th 4th --- ---
It's About Time 29th* --- --- ---
Microbe Mission 4th 3rd --- ---
Wind Power 19th 5th --- ---

* denotes fill in

Junior Year

Event Boyceville River Falls Regionals State
Astronomy 5th 11th --- ---
Code Busters 5th* --- --- ---
Forensics 1st 1st --- 2nd
Microbe Mission 2nd 1st --- 2nd
Renewable Energy 10th --- --- ---
Hovercraft --- 2nd* --- 1st
Anatomy and Physiology --- --- 4th* ---
Wind Power --- --- 1st* 7th*
Robot Arm --- --- --- 8th*1

* denotes fill in

1 I technically wasn't even a fill in for Robot Arm, but we didn't have one the night before states so guess what I spent my night doing?

Senior Year

Event Boyceville River Falls Medford Regionals State
Code Analysis --- 1st1 --- --- ---
Forensics 7th --- 1st --- 2nd
Hovercraft 1st --- 4th2 1st 1st
Picture This: Computer Science 2nd --- 6th --- ---
Microbe Mission 3rd --- 2nd 1st 3rd
Mission Possible 6th --- 6th --- 12th
WiFi Lab --- --- 9th*3 --- ---
Write It Do It --- --- --- --- 6th*

* denotes fill in

1 I wasn't even supposed to compete at RF, but a spot opened up, and nobody wanted to do this.

2 Our hovercraft got torn apart on the bus ride. It was beyond repair, so we impounded the carnage and took the test.

3 We were planning on dropping this event, but then all our builds broke on the bus. We showed up with no prep hoping we could could compensate for a dropped build, but then we just failed this even worse.