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Former member of Kraemer Middle School Science Olympiad 2018-2019 and 2019-2020. Currently scuffed on red scioly server and scuffed on the server. Scuffed is also in his school's Science Olympiad B team, Cyber Patriots program, Armed Regulation / Armed Exhibition (AX/AR) team, and All Service Esports team. He is currently attending Troy High School (California), thankfully not dead from sleep deprivation yet. He is obsessed with Pokémon and has at least 2 games from every single generation and can name every Pokémon. He plays a lot of Pokémon competitively in VGC.

TroyWarriors.jpgTroyScuffed attends Troy High School.
KraemerLogo.pngKraemerScuffed attended Kraemer Middle School.
"Do NOT use the elevators" (on the left is Scuffed, on the right is aUsername321)
General Information
Years in SO 2
Current Team Troy High School
Past Team(s) Kraemer Middle School
State SoCal
Division C
Total medals (calculating)
  • (calculating) invitational medals
  • 4 regional medals
  • 0 state medals
  • 0 national medals
Competitor Info
Competitions attended (calculating)
  • (calculating) invitationals
  • 2 regionals
  • 2 states
Events competed in 9
Years volunteered 0
Number of competitions 1
Number of tests written 0


Scuffed joined scioly from the beginning of the school year (grade 7). That year, scioly at his middle school had been changed from a club to an elective, but Scuffed had planned on joining the club. In order to fix this, Scuffed went to the counselor and changed his 7 period (Computer Applications) to Science Olympiad. Thus his journey began.

Scuffed tried out for 4 events that year: Crime Busters (CB), Potions and Poisons (P&P), Mystery Architecture (MA), and Write It Do It (WIDI). At the beginning of the year, Scuffed was placed on the junior varsity team. He stayed on the JV team until Winston Churchill Invitational in the winter, when he and his teammate placed second in CB, better than the varsity team. Scuffed was then placed in the varsity team, but his teammate unfortunately stayed behind. Scuffed quit WIDI and MA after he was promoted to varsity.


Scuffed, having knowledge from the previous year, immediately rose to the varsity team. However, the previous year's scioly coach having moved to Kraemer's rival school Jeffrey Trail Middle School and the principal from the last year having had left the school, Kraemer's scioly team did not compete as well as it would have. Scuffed competed in Crime Busters (CB), Food Science (FS), and Fossils. He did very well in CB, did badly until regionals in FS, and did pretty good in Fossils. However, due to COVID-19, states and national competitions were cancelled, making Scuffed very sad 😢😢😢.


Format copied from Umaroth who copied it from Sciolyperson1.


Event Troyouts BEARSO UT UGA
Botany - - 38th -
Chemistry Lab 8th - - -
Fermi Questions - - 64th -
Forensics 5th 21st - - -
Fossils 4th - 10th -
Water Quality 2nd 30th 42nd -
Team (Troy Red) N/A 30th 23rd -

Tournament Association

Season Tournament Date Role
2020-2021 Sierra Vista Middle School Tryouts (Division B) 9/19/20 Crime Busters/Food Science Event Proctor
2020-2021 Sierra Vista Invitational ??/??/20 Food Science Writer