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Smartypants01 attends Smithtown High School West in the Eastern Long Island region of New York and has participated in Science Olympiad since 6th grade. He previously attended Accompsett Middle School.

Event Results

Division B

6th Grade (2011)

Event Regionals States Nationals
Compute This 8th->5th - -
Experimental Design 31st - -
Shock Value 14th - -
Towers 28th - -
Accompsett Middle School 28th - -

7th Grade (2012)

Event Regionals States Nationals
Compute This 4th->3rd 4th -
Experimental Design 4th->3rd 25th -
Towers - 34th -
Write It Do It 3rd->2nd 19th -
Accompsett Middle School 9th->4th 24th -

8th Grade (2013)

Event Regionals States Nationals
Boomilever 10th 36th -
Heredity 3rd - -
Metric Mastery 1st 3rd -
Write It Do It - 6th -
Accompsett Middle School 8th->3rd 21st -
  • In the Eastern Long Island Division B Competition, many schools have multiple teams, so only the highest placing team from a school will receive a medal for the event. The italicized placing is the placing of the event among all of the teams. The bold placing is the placing for which a medal was received, the placing among all of the schools. Placings with neither italics nor bold means that a medal was not received for the event. A bold placing in the States column means that a medal was received for the event.