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SonicSpeed's Accomplishments
Number of years competing 1
Total medals/ribbons 9
Invitational medals/ribbons 2
Regional medals/ribbons 4
State medals/ribbons 3
National medals/ribbons oof nah (never)

SonicSpeed is a 6th grader at Orefield Middle school who participates for their team in Pennsylvania. He has so far competed in the 2019 year as a 6th grader. Throughout the year, he has participated in Elastic Launched Glider, Game On, Heredity, and Road Scholar. He has also participated in some events and trials one or two times. This includes Experimental Design, Herpetology, Parasitology, and We've Got Your Number.

Overview of Years


Orefield Middle School's Science Olympiad team had only 11 members, which threw us down this year. We participated in 3 invitationals, which were Rustin Invitational, Garnet Valley Invitational, and Cornell Invitational. I originally chose Dynamic Planet, Elastic Launched Glider, Game On, and Road Scholar, but my mom wanted me to do Heredity instead because she knew some background information and decided to coach it.

2019 Rustin Invitational

This was my first SciOly competition, and I was nervous, yet excited. Being my first invitational, I mostly bombed my events. My (kind of) good ones were 10th in Game On, 11th in Road Scholar (by 0.5 points!!), and 12th in Elastic Launched Glider. I was the main guy in Game On, and I did all the coding, while my partner wrote the instructions and scientific explanation, as well as coming up with an idea for the game. In Elastic Launched Glider, my partner was the main launcher, while I was the communicator (or person two as they call it). In Road scholar, I handled the topo and road maps, while my partner did profiling and the student drawn map.

10th SonicSpeed has received a 10th place medal in Game On at 2019 Rustin Invitational.

2019 Garnet Valley Invitational

Garnet Valley Invitational was my second competition and my events got slightly better. My top events were 8th in Road Scholar, and 9th in Game On (Again lost to 8th by .5 points aargh!). Elastic Launched Glider wasn't as good and did not reach its full potential. Garnet Valley was a really fun and interesting invitational though, and they had challenges such as "Fastest Cuber" and "Longest Plank", so that was entertaining and boosted my mood after my events.

8th SonicSpeed has received a 8th place medal in Road Scholar at 2019 Garnet Valley Invitational.

2019 Cornell Invitational

Cornell was a hard and competitive invitational, and I did terribly. I did not get top ten in any of my events, so that was a sad moment for me. My glider did not work properly, because we did not even have a gymnasium to do our gliders. The Road Scholar test was crazy hard, and Game On we did not finish due to a computer problem (we did not receive extra time!) No medals or ribbons for me in this one ;(.

2019 Central East Pennsylvania Regionals

This regional competition went very well for me thankfully. Elastic Launched Glider reached its peak, and I got 2nd, behind 1st by 6 seconds. In Game On, me and my partner made a very strong game and we covered the entire rubric (no, you are not allowed to bring the rubric to the competition). I placed 2nd in this event, trailing by 1.9 points. Road Scholar was a pretty short test with basic topics which made it simple for everyone. I once again got 2nd place in this event. My last event, Heredity was very easy and covered all topics that me and my partner studied. WE were confident in our performance, and we got...2nd (This is good considering our performances in invitationals, where we were getting mid 20s)! So, our team overall got 2nd place and our team got 1st in the event Water Quality, and I got all 2nds. I say it was a really fun experience and I was really happy afterwards.

Silver SonicSpeed has received a Silver medal in Elastic Launched Glider at 2019 Central East Pennsylvania Regionals.
Silver SonicSpeed has received a Silver medal in Game On at 2019 Central East Pennsylvania Regionals.
Silver SonicSpeed has received a Silver medal in Road Scholar at 2019 Central East Pennsylvania Regionals.
Silver SonicSpeed has received a Silver medal in Heredity at 2019 Central East Pennsylvania Regionals.

2019 Pennsylvania States

Getting into states in my first year was pretty awesome if you ask me. Personally, I was scared, but my friends told me that it was ok and that we are just here for fun and experience (as well as learning things). I agreed with him, and I decided that I should put my effort into it, but it was ok if I didn't place. My first event was Game On, which didn't go to well. My partner said that he wanted to try something that we hadn't tried before. I was hesitant, but I agreed to it. I was a risk and I guess it had benefits... We didn't finish the game, and we were extremely anxious after the event... at least we medaled 6th at the event, which made me happy, but not exactly satisfied. In Road Scholar, the test had some difficulty to it, and it was well made. Me and my partner handled it our usual way, and It turned out to be a viable strategy that ended up placing us 6th. In Elastic Launched Glider, our glider did well... but not well enough. For some reason, the models did a little worse than expected, and that caused us to get 5th place. This was a good moment for me, but we could have gotten away with 4th or 3rd. In Heredity... let me say that things didn't go so well. My partner kind of just sat there while I did the test. He did know some concepts, but not enough in my opinion. This concluded my events for states and I was a bit nervous, still. The awards started, and I medaled in 3 of my 4 events, which was more medals than anyone on our team. It was very fun and another great opportunity that I got.

5th SonicSpeed has received a 5th place medal in Elastic Launched Glider at 2019 Pennsylvania States.
6th SonicSpeed has received a 6th place medal in Road Scholar at 2019 Pennsylvania States.
6th SonicSpeed has received a 6th place medal in Game On at 2019 Pennsylvania States.