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soooo... this is my second year doing Science Olympiad. This year, I realized how much I sucked last year so i'm trying my hardest to like win medals at State. Last year, I did Dynamic Planet, Water Quality, Awesome Aquifers, and Write It Do It. This year, I'm doing Anatomy, Disease Detectives, and Water Quality. I did do Experimental Design at the two invitationals that my school (PMS) attended, but I'm not doing it at Regionals or State. So funny how I thought I rocked last year. maybe that's cuz I was the only 7th grader on the team at Regionals... or maybe cuz i was the only 7th grade girl in the class... anyways, i sucked last year. Science Olympiad is so much fun, but unfortunately, there is not Science Olympiad at Beckman... poo... -_-