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Hello, I'm called Suzumebachi. No, that's not my real name :). My real name is Giselle. I've competed for Irving A. Robbins Middle School's A team in the B division for 1 year, but I won't next year... I hope our high school competes.

Events and Results

Reach for the Stars: Bronze

I almost completely made up the part where we were supposed to identify the constellations (sans Orion, yeah) and my partner and I guessed the majority of the written test (almost all multiple choice). Woo hoo!

Anatomy: Bronze

My brother and I, we actually knew stuff here! Was a bit disappointing; no questions about surface anatomy of bones AT ALL. There goes the purpose of cram studying them all... (Points off for not knowing what the symptoms of coronial something was and not knowing which disease was associated with lack of hemoglobin/red blood cells :P)

Write-it Do-it: 4th place (apparently)

I don't trust that chart that's on the website. I forgot to mention something and my partner was confused :D My bad!

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