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General Information
Years in SO 6
Total medals 41
Invitational medals 27
Regional medals 9
State medals 5
Competitor Info
Competitions attended 21
Invitationals attended 14
Regionals attended 4
States attended 3
Events competed in 81

I compete for BASIS Independent Silicon Valley, first on the Division B team (2015-2020), and now on the Division C team (2020-present).


The question marks mean I forgot and I cannot find the scoresheet (and did not medal).


Division B

Event Regional
Meteorology ?
Reach for the Stars ?


Division B

Event Regional State
Dynamic Planet 4th 5th
Rocks and Minerals 3rd 7th
Write It Do It 3rd 6th


Division B

Event Mira Loma Nordic Regional State
Crime Busters 16th 3rd 1st 16th
Dynamic Planet 5th 18th 5th 5th
Rocks and Minerals 7th 2nd 11th 10th
Write It Do It 2nd 13th 5th 10th


Division B

Event Churchill Mira Loma Kennedy Regional State
Battery Buggy 6th 8th 15th 2nd 3rd
Codebusters (trial) - 10th 8th - -
Crime Busters (sub) - 1st - - -
Density Lab 2nd 2nd 2nd 2nd 2nd
Dynamic Planet 2nd 10th 8th 4th 4th


Division B

Event Churchill Mira Loma Kennedy Regional
Density Lab 1st 3rd 1st Cancelled
Experimental Design (sub) - - 4th -
Food Science 2nd 3rd 6th Cancelled
Road Scholar 8th 5th 8th Cancelled
Machines 9th 4th 13th Cancelled

2020-2021 (Current)

Division C

Event BEARSO Yosemite Mira Loma Aggie SCC GGSO
Chemistry Lab 14th 3rd 4th 2nd 1st 3rd
Codebusters 21st 28th 37th 16th 6th 36th
Cybersecurity (trial) - 20th - - - -
Environmental Chemistry (trial) - - 13th - - -
Forensics 24th 10th 12th 2nd 5th 33rd
Protein Modeling 105th 12th 30th 14th 10th 67th

Tests Written

Tests written (so far) for fun. Feedback form.

Season Event PDFs
2020-21 Codebusters (C) Practice Test
Answer Key
Crime Busters Practice Test
Additional Information
Answer Key
Density Lab Practice Test
Explanation Sheet
Answer Key