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I'm sometimes a pretty chill guy. Sometimes.

I go to Beckendorff (2014 National Champions!)


Orange Team:

National Alternate!

Bridge Building

Cy-Falls: 14th

Kingwood: 3rd

Langham Creek: 1st

Wright State: 5th

Crave The Wave

Cy-Falls: 6th

Kingwood: 2nd

Langham Creek: 1st

Wright State: 8th

Dynamic Planet

Langham Creek: 14th

Wright State: 15th


Langham Creek: 3rd


Cy-Falls: 2nd

Kingwood: 2nd

Langham Creek: 4th

Wright State: 3rd

Roller Coaster

Nationals: ???

Simple Machines

Langham Creek: 7th

Have a nice day! :3