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Texas is an eighth grader at Seven Lakes Junior High in Katy, Texas.

Sixth Grade (2016):

Texas was selected for the state team after her school won 1st place in the Lone Star College Regionals. She got the highest score on the Science Olympiad tryout test at her school and is one of the three girls on the team. For both of those reasons, Texas has been teased and picked on (instead of respected) by the boys. Her events for the state tournament are Bio-Process Lab, Mission Possible, Dynamic Planet, and Roller Coaster. Her other interests/hobbies are: reading, piano, theatre, running, basketball, Minecraft, competition math (specifically TMSCA,Mathcounts, Math League, AMC, etc.), and SCIENCE OLYMPIAD:).


Anthony Middle School Invitational: 3rd place Bio-Process Lab (also competed in Mission Possible); Overall 5th Place

Langham Creek High School Invitational: 3rd place Bio-Process Lab (also competed in Mission Possible); Overall 3rd Place

Sartartia Middle School Invitational: 1st place Dynamic Planet (received 2nd place medal due to mix-up with the team numbers), 3rd place Bio-Process Lab, 4th Place Roller Coaster (also competed in Mission Possible); Overall 1st Place

Lone Star College Regional: 1st Place Dynamic Planet, 2nd Place Mission Possible (11th in Bio-Process Lab because of a proctor's mistake while inputting ranks); Overall 1st Place

State @ Texas A&M: 2nd Place Bio-Process Lab, 4th Place Dynamic Planet; Overall 5th Place

Seven Lakes Junior High School is even more dank than Sierra Vista Middle School.

Seventh Grade (2017):

CyFalls Invitational: 2nd Place, WGYN

Kingwood Invitational: 4th Place Dynamic Planet, 4th Place WGYN

TAMU Galveston Regional: 1st Place Roller Coaster, 3rd Place WGYN, 3rd Place Dynamic Planet; Overall 1st Place

State @TAMU: 3rd Place, Experimental Design; 3rd Place, Dynamic Planet; Overall 4th

Eighth Grade (2018):

CyFalls: 1st Place, WGYN; 4th Place, Dynamic Planet

Anthony: 2nd Place, Dynamic Planet; 3rd Place, WGYN; 4th Place, Picture This

Beckendorff Regionals: 2nd Place, WGYN; 3rd Place, Dynamic Planet

State @TAMU: 1st Place, Dynamic Planet; 1st Place, WGYN; Overall, 4th

Texas will be going to Tompkins High School, which also has a scioly team, in the future.