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CT TheCrazyChemist competes in Connecticut.

TheCrazyChemist's Statistics
Number of years competing 4
Total medals/ribbons 14
Invitational medals/ribbons 9
State medals/ribbons 5

TheCrazyChemist is currently a freshman who went to Bedford Middle School (Connecticut) and goes to Staples High School. He has participated in Science Olympiad since the 2017 season (2016-2017) and will continue on competing in high school for the Staples High School team.

Past Results


This was TheCrazyChemist's first year of SciOly, and he was very new to the concept. He was also not very good. However, he still managed to scrape one 3rd place medal in Ecology at the Connecticut State Competition. Note that he actually earned this medal and was not carried by an 8th grader. He also got fourth in Fast Facts, beating the A-Team on his first time competing in the event. Ecology and Fast Facts would go on to become some of his favorite events.

Bronze TheCrazyChemist has received a Bronze medal in Ecology at Connecticut States 2017.


TheCrazyChemist had more experience this year, and he considers this year his best SciOly year. He got better at Fast Facts, an event in which he consistently got medals in. He also got better at Ecology, although he did not show it until Connecticut States. Note that he got carried in Rocks and Minerals and Connecticut States.

Event Rustin Invitational Garnet Valley Invitational Islip Invitational Connecticut States 2018 Colorado State University 2018
Meteorology - - - 4th -
Ecology 13th 14th 21st 1st 27th
Fast Facts 8th 3rd 5th 1st 24th
Rocks And Minerals - - - 1st -
Science Quiz Bowl - - 1st - -
Hovercraft - - - 5th -
Density Lab - 8th - - -


This year was a rebuilding year for TheCrazyChemist. Both of his best events, Fast Facts and Ecology, had rotated out. He decided to pick up Meteorology, and Thermodynamics and Heredity, although he was out competed in all but Thermodynamics for the Invitational season. TheCrazyChemist got 7th in Thermodynamics at Cornell. He may have gotten a medal if he had not changed his temperature prediction. At states in Thermodynamics, TheCrazyChemist did not think that the event was run very well, and he got 5th while the A-Team got 1st. Both teams faced build penalties for not so great reasons. TheCrazyChemist also tried out Circuit Lab, but found it very difficult. He was only able to learn combining circuits, a skill which earned him a 3rd at Sacred Heart. Fun fact, he almost lit an electrical fire at that scrimmage.

Event Rustin Invitational Garnet Valley Invitational Sacred Heart Invitational Cornell Invitational Connecticut States 2019 Cornell University 2019
Meteorology - 3rd - 25th 3rd -
Thermodynamics - 22nd 4th 7th 5th -
Circuit Lab - 13th 3rd - - -
Science Quiz Bowl - - - 3rd - 13th
Heredity 19th 10th 3rd 23rd - -
Water Quality 18th 33rd - - - -
Density Lab - - - 28th 4th -


TheCrazyChemist would like to compete in Chemistry Lab, Codebusters, Write It Do It, and Anatomy and Physiology this year. He is competing in WIDI and A&P, and Water Quality at the LISO competition.


Mega-Clutch Achievement- Microbe Mission 2017 States, I was thrown into the event 2 hours before it started and crammed.

Beat The Curve Achievement- 2019 Sacred Heart in Circuit Lab, 2017 States in Ecology.

O2 Achievement- 2018 States in Fast Facts and Ecology, 2018 Islip in Fast Facts and Science Quiz Bowl.

Host Achievement- 2018 Islip in the final round of Science Quiz Bowl.

Parasite Achievement- 2018 States in Rock and Minerals.

Study Event Parasitism Achievement- 2017 States A&P, 2018 States Hovercraft.

Extracurricular Activities Besides SciOly

TheCrazyChemist does many other academic competitions beside SciOly. They are: National Science Bowl, National Science Bee, National History Bee, National History Bowl, International Geography Olympiad, and National Geography Olympiad. He also is an avid soccer fan. His favorite team is Arsenal.


TheCrazyChemist is also a fan of the TV series Sherlock. He recommends that all people watch it, as it is interesting, but it also teaches you observation skills. It is also quite humorous. It's just a good series, watch it.

Favorite Quotes

"I think, therefore I am." - Rene Descartes

“Everybody dies. It’s the one thing human beings can be relied upon to do. How can it still come as a surprise to people?” - Mycroft Holmes

"Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe."- Albert Einstein

Assassination Games

TheCrazyChemist likes to participate in the Assassination games on the forum. He regularly participates and has sometimes been on the evil side.

Scioly Assassination 138: Tanks and Turrets

TheCrazyChemist was one of the sassies in Scioly Assassination 138. Unfortunately for him, he acted a little too suspicious on his main account and drew some attention from amk578, who gathered substantial evidence against him and accused TheCrazyChemist.

Scioly Assassination 144: Avalon

TheCrazyChemist was co-conspirator and an Agent of Evil during this sassy game. He helped the Assassinator, MadCow2357, during the game and also wrote several of the clues. TheCrazyChemist learned during this game that life can get really busy and 48 hours sometimes isn't enough for the assassinators to write good clues.