This user attends The The Bronx High School of Science, New York.


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Thegroundsloth competes in division C in New York state, she consistently competes in: Fossils, Ornithology, and Wright stuff.
This user has dabbled in: Herpetology, Detector building, and boomilever.
This user has been competing in scioly since the 2018-19 season

NYThegroundsloth competes in New York.
Dactylioceras.jpgThis user is a fossil
Mammut.jpgThis user is a pleistocene megafauna

20-21 season:

Event MIT North Pocono BirdSO Regionals
Fossils 14th 4th 17 3
Ornithology 55th 22 idk 4
GeoMapping - 16 -

* Also recieved a 9th place medal in R&M at birdso

21-22 Season
Event OSU Regionals BirdSO
Remsen 3rd 3rd 19th
Wright Stuff 19th* 1st *
Rocks 2nd 2nd 12
DP 3rd 5th 14

*plane crashed into column in the cafeteria

Test Reviews

STAR test system



The STAR system was about as predictable and easily to understand as a keyboard smash. In fact, had the instructions actually been written with only keyboard smashes it would have been easier to understand because at least they would have been written all in one place and not just ben passed around by word of mouth. Although, to give nysso credit, neither their updated STAR nor my keyboard smashes have violated any privacy laws.