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ThePineCone461 is from the R.C. Murphy Junior High School team. He lived in a Murphy zone from 2017-2018, but moved to a new house in late 2018, his first year of being in Science Olympiad. This new house would have caused Pinecone to switch schools to Paul J. Gelinas Junior High School, but he received an undisclosed bribe from Murphy to stay. Gelinas has made multiple attempts to poach Pinecone and get him to switch schools but no attempts have been successful as of yet. Pinecone is also technically a captain for R.C. Murphy Junior High School but we don't talk about that. Pinecone is also known among his team as the 'ReneGod' for how good he is at Renegading and being smart. Follow his TikTok @UnicornPinkyton

2018 to 2019 season

Invitationals N/A rip, the coach was out of school for the first half of the year due to health complications
Regionals C-Team (Medals 1st-8th)

15th R.C. Murphy Junior High School C-team came in 15th place at the Eastern Long Island Regional.

^^Bruh lmao

Silver Thepinecone461 has received a Silver medal in Game On at Eastern Long Island Regional.
7th Thepinecone461 has received a 7th place medal in Road Scholar at Eastern Long Island Regional.
6th Thepinecone461 has received a 6th place medal in Quiz Bowl at Eastern Long Island Regional.

Pinecone started his Science Olympiad career horribly. He had no idea what to study for tryouts cuz he was a dumb lazy boy and never thought about looking through the manual. He failed every single tryout and ended up getting placed onto Game On and Road Scholar, both non-tryout events.
He was really sad, so he didn't study at all for regionals as he was on the C team. but randomly popped off and got a 2nd place in Game On, which prompted the coaches to notice him and add him onto the States team. The only team that beat him was Hauppauge (<-however you spell that) which sounds suspiciously like 'hot-pocket.' Pinecone sought to get revenge on them and beat them at States. He had no idea how long this curse would last.
Follow his TikTok @UnicornPinkyton
States A-Team (Medals 1st-10th)

5th R.C. Murphy Junior High School came in 5th place at the New York.

Silver ThePineCone461 has received a Silver medal in Game On at New York States.

Pinecone popped off at States with that Game On, and Gelinas even said they would commit not alive if they lost to him, which is exactly what happened. Pinecone has not stopped making fun of them since. Pinecone also beat Hauppauge, but he lost to an even more bizarre school: CJ Hooker. Oh man, his teammates would not stop making fun of him for losing to a bunch of 'hookers.' (im looking at you kshom) Pinecone vowed revenge on CJ Hooker after that. However, Road Scholar bombed pretty hard for unknown reasons.
Follow his TikTok @UnicornPinkyton

2019 to 2020 season

For his 9th grade year, Pinecone decided once again to stay with Murphy for another undisclosed bribe. He actually sweat all over his tryouts and studied in order to get on A team. He actually made the A team, but not because he did well on his event tryouts, but because he was smart about which events to try out for. He chose the events no one was doing so the coaches were forced to put him on A team or else there would be no one else to do his events. After getting onto A team, Pinecone was ecstatic and so hyped that he learned how to do many TikTok Dances such as the 'Renegade' and how to 'Hit the Woah'. His idol is Charli D'amelio and his dream job is to live in the HypeHouse and make TikToks.
Follow his TikTok @UnicornPinkyton
LISO Invitational A-Team (Medals 1st-7th)

3rd R.C. Murphy Junior High School came in 3rd place at the Long Island Invitational.

Gold ThePineCone461 has received a Gold medal in Game On at Long Island Invitational.
Silver ThePineCone461 has received a Silver medal in Circuit Lab at Long Island Invitational.
Bronze ThePineCone461 has received a Bronze medal in Machines at Long Island Invitational.

Pinecone grinded Circuit so hard in preparation for this competition, but there were a few weird questions that caught him and his partner off guard. Also, the lab portion was pretty much impossible and the only teams that actually got it correct probably cheated by switching their multimeters to resistance which the event supervisor told us not to do, but whatever, a 2nd is still pretty good. If they got full points, they probably either cheated or bs'ed some dumb answer to the proctor for all the show your work points. (I'm looking at you guys 6/x=6/x)
Machines omegalul. Pinecone's Machines partner was busy impounding his Mousetrap Vehicle when the event started because he left something at home and had to wait to have it delivered before he could impound it. This caused him to be very behind schedule and be around 20 minutes late to Machines, which was pretty much half the event's time. The proctors also kept calling Pinecone's team up to do their device portion, and Pinecone had to explain to them that his partner had not arrived yet, which wasted even more time. These factors caused him to struggle greatly which stress and time management, but barely scrapped everything together and got a 3rd place with a test score of around 50%, which really shows how lucky he was.
Game On was easy, too easy. The theme was so generic and he was sure that everyone was going to get perfect scores. With revenge on CJ Hooker still in mind, he made his best effort to make the art in the game look good to differentiate him from the crowd. He got 1st, which was nice, but Gelinas decided to drop Game On last minute, robbing Pinecone of the one thing he desired most, a match up between him and David/Luke. The best part about the results of this Invitational was that Pinecone got 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, leaving him with Red, White and Blue colored medal neck thingies. He made a Russian Flag out of those colors. The only thing he regrets is not doing more events and getting 4th and 3rd, which is the banana colors. His friend Ethan got banana colors.
Follow his TikTok @UnicornPinkyton
Regionals A-Team (Medals 1st-10th)

2nd R.C. Murphy Junior High School came in 2nd place at the Eastern Long Island Regional.

Gold ThePineCone461 has received a Gold medal in Game On at Eastern Long Island Regional.
Gold ThePineCone461 has received a Gold medal in Circuit Lab at Eastern Long Island Regional.
Gold ThePineCone461 has received a Gold medal in Mousetrap Vehicle at Eastern Long Island Regional.
Silver ThePineCone461 has received a Silver medal in Quiz Bowl at Eastern Long Island Regional.

What a god. (Why thank you Ben)
When events for Regionals was first announced, Pinecone realized he only had 2 events, as Machines was not able to be run at the school due to a lack of people willing to write the test and supervise the event. He realized how stupid he would look if one of the top members of the team was to only do 2 events, so he quickly asked to join his Circuit partner in Mousetrap Vehicle, which they spent most of their time working on.
He then also signed up for Science Quiz Bowl so that it looked like he had 4 events, which is the bare minimum acceptable for the expectations put upon him. Pinecone popped off at Regionals, getting a first place in every single event he did that actually counted towards actual score. Quiz bowl was a rip, as many questions on the Kahoot ® were horribly worded or downright wrong. He lost to Gelinas by a small hairline, but it's fine, as Gelinas are his besties anyway. Circuit Lab test was pretty easy and it was also pretty lucky that his partner had done the exact same thing for the lab beforehand, which really gave them an advantage.
Mousetrap went okay. Pinecone could have done better but his goggles fogged up in 2 seconds cuz he's fat. He couldn't see clearly and almost fudged up the alignment for the car. Next time he's going to bring his own safety goggles.
Game On is Pinecone's main event, and if he bombed it that would have been embarrassing. When he first sat down into the room, he remembered that Macs have weird ways to right click, and he quickly tried to right click, but the menu kept disappearing. He asked the proctors for all the help he could get, and they even switched keyboards and mice, but none of those methods worked. They ended up telling him to just deal with it, which is kinda hard to do when it's like 8 points on the test, but he kept going. Realizing he wasted 20 minutes on figuring out how to right click, he stressed out and went into overdrive mode, and his arm went crazy with those click and drags, even though they were already exhausted.
Pinecone set a new record at Regionals for being the competitor with the highest amount of times to have performed the 'Renegade' on premises. Pinecone was very paranoid about getting sick, so he wore a surgical mask around the school to avoid catching Coronavirus.
Follow his TikTok @UnicornPinkyton
Pinecone prays for good performance at States BlessRNG and hopes to bomb game on
States A-Team (Medals 1st-10th)
States has been cancelled. RIP.