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Things2do's Accomplishments
Number of years competing 7
Total medals 40
Invitational medals 9
Regional medals 25
State medals 5
National medals Never Competed

It is currently February 27, 2020. The time is 16:09 UTC. You are one of 48 users viewing one of the 11,100 pages on Science Olympiad Student Center Wiki.

  • I am a proud member of Explorers Homeschool Academy
  • I am a Grammar Nazi, or so I say... I am, at least in my opinion, able to be as such whilst keeping Southern contractions and double negatives in my lexicon.

About Me

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EHA Things2do attends Explorers Homeschool Academy.

I am a ENTP-A according to this test. I am a ENTP - Prophet according to this one. I am happy to mention that Weird Al Yankovic is also a ENTP-A. So is Mark Twain.

Feel free to visit my Munzee account. Know why you should feel free? Because it's a free country, you can view whatever you want! You can also see my {nowhere near as good, statistically speaking} Geocaching profile here.

The most BBCode I have ever used in a post is: [hide][color=#FF4040]Deer can only see red light and colors made up of red.[/color]|[color=#FFFFFF]They can only see[/color] [color=#00FF40]green[/color] [color=#FFFFFF]and[/color] [color=#0040FF]blue[/color], [color=#FFFFFF]not[/color] [color=#FF0040]red[/color][color=#FFFFFF].[/color][/hide][spoiler]There are words inside of the [hide][/hide] other than the [color=#800000]red[/color], [color=#004000]green[/color], and [color=#000080]blue[/color]...[/spoiler] on this thread. You can view my signature at It has all of my events listed, and is regularly updated. Unlike this page...