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Who is ThisMightBeChris?

ThisMightBeChris was a guy on the Jeffrey Trail Middle School Science Olympiad Team from 2017-2020. His real name or gender will not be mentioned for privacy reasons. His interests include nothing worth mentioning as he has no life, judging from the fact that he is writing his own Wikipedia page on a Sunday Afternoon. But don't be worried. You're the one reading an internet page about a young teenage boy who is not famous, has no interesting achievements, and thinks of ways to slow down time using McDonald salads.

Scioly Things He Did In 7th Grade

Chris got into scioly. By starting off with towers and mystery architecture because he thought he was good at engineering. He also did WIDI and Crime Busters for no reason. However he didn't build a single tower because he was trash at engineering. In the weekly testing, he thought he was good at Crime Busters because he beat a team captain once. His failure in the Kraemer Scrimmage was beyond disappointment (7/284). So after that, he basically said that all the events except Mystery Architecture were useless because he beat a team captain a couple times during the competitions and practice sessions. He participated in like 1 Invitational, the state trial event, and the nationals trial event because he was crazy enough to go to Colorado just for one event that didn't even affect his team's performance. Also, most of his time "doing scioly" was spent reading the news on Bing or thinking of ways to bankrupt the world with Google Pacman. In the end, the events he did was Towers (dropped out), Crime Busters (dropped out), WIDI (dropped out), Mystery Architecture, Code Busters (trial event), and Density Lab (trial event).

Scioly Things He Did in 8th Grade

By now, scioly was the only thing Chris did in school but was still salty about not being team captain when like 3 girls were made captain for "gender equality" after the votes and stuff. He did really well in the weekly tests. 1st in Code Busters, 1st in Mystery Architecture, and 2nd in Density, but did a faceplant in Kraemer Scrimmage when he placed last in the school for code, didn't even place for Mystery, and got beat by a 7th grader by 0.5 points in Density. Soon, he became really depressed and got introduced to emo culture and minecraft youtube videos. After scrimmage, that 7th grader who beat him got on the team, but since she did only one event, she had to be put on density. That's Ok. Some people do only two events as well. Then some guy at behind a desk thinks it would be fun to change the schedule and cause misery to certain people so he or she decided to make Mystery Architecture with Code Busters. That's not Ok. His two best events conflicted, and now he only had one event. At risk of being kicked off of the competition team, he learned fossils in two weeks and became better than enough people to stay on the team. His events were Crime Busters (dropped out), Write It Do It (dropped out), Herpetology (dropped out), Experimental Design (forgot what events he was in during the summer and just showed up for a meeting), Mystery Architecture (dropped out then joined again), Code Busters (dropped out), Density Lab (dropped out), and Fossils (joined later). Spent time throwing cats into trash cans on Scratch as "preparation for Game On". He wasted his time studying the Communist culture of the Soviet Union before realizing that the Soviet Union was long gone.

Scioly Things He Did in 9th Grade

Notice: ThisMightBeChris is not writing this portion of the "autobiography".

Recently, Chris celebrated the 70th anniversary of the Communist People's Republic of China. Recent accomplishments include adding an "accelerating fish" in a Game On competition and answering a timed question 2 seconds after the time bonus ended. In addition, his excellent performances in Game On show a promising linear progression that is not to be overlooked.

He does not play Minecraft under the username of gamerdead72, that would be ridiculous!

When he realized that an accelerating fish will not get you points, he made an excellent decision. HE MADE AN ACCELERATING BIRD!!!

After not getting the timed question MULTIPLE TIMES, f's in the chat for ThisMightBeChris (because it might be).