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General Information
Years in SO 3
Current Team Ward Melville High School
Grade 10th
Past Team(s) Paul J. Gelinas Junior High School
State New York
Division C
Total medals 34
  • 24 invitational medals
  • 5 regional medals
  • 3 state medals
  • 2 national medals
Competitor Info
Competitions attended 11
  • 7 invitationals
  • 2 regionals
  • 1 state
  • 1 national
Events competed in 10

Vye904 got bored during class and made a user page. She competes in New York and is a member of the Ward Melville High School team. She was previously a competitor for Paul J. Gelinas Junior High School, and was a captain during the 2020-2021 season. Her favorite event is Disease Detectives, but she is rethinking that decision after the traumatizing events of 2021 regionals.



In 8th grade, she joined Gelinas scioly and drastically flunked tryouts with no clue how anything worked. After being placed on B team, she went to LISO, her first competition ever, and played an excessive amount of ERS. Overall, she met new people, made friends, downloaded discord, got addicted to pokecord, and had a great time (before COVID struck and cancelled life D:).

Event LISO Rustin Cornell Regionals
Disease Detectives 1st 2nd 1st 2nd
Heredity 5th 7th 2nd 5th
Road Scholar 8th 4th 4th 2nd
Experimental Design - 20th 3rd -
Science Quiz Bowl - - - 6th
# Teams 42 60 26 31


In 9th grade, she was a captain and on the A team. She had some pretty bad experiences with online tournaments (see: STAR Program, Regionals). If you ask her, it was completely unfair. She doesn't know why she's still not over it. Almost not making states and being the first Gelinas team to not get top 2 at regs in 2 decades was such a great experience!! So she ended up sulking for a very long time and excessively stressing over the possibility of anyone getting DQed at states and not making nats.

Event Rickards HUSO-BSO Eagle AAA2/Comb. BirdSO Regionals States Nationals
Disease Detectives 3rd 4th 2nd/6th 7th DQ 4th 4th
Heredity 1st 2nd 2nd/3rd 3rd 1st 1st 6th
Road Scholar 2nd 1st 1st/3rd 3rd DQ 4th 18th
Experimental Design - - 6th/12th - - - 23rd
Experiment and Data Analysis - - - 4th - - -
Botany 4th - - - - - -
Scribble It - - 6th/23rd - - - -
Write It CAD It - - - 5th - - -
Codebusters - - - 8th - - -
# Teams 45 86 38/102 62 22 53 60